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Day: September 2, 2003

Trade-Ranger to Release Content Platform 2.0

Trade-Ranger Inc. has announced plans to release new and expanded capabilities through its Content Platform 2.0. Powered by i2 Content Management solutions from i2’s latest software release, i2 Six, Trade-Ranger’s new offering provides improved features and functionality, standardization, flexibility, cost/adoption efficiencies, scalability and usability. Through the utilization of i2 Content Management solutions, part of the i2 Supplier Relationship Management suite, Trade-Ranger’s Content Platform 2.0 allows suppliers to upload and publish catalog content, while enabling them to build and maintain product information. It also offers a catalog and content search tool that permits buyers to locate products and suppliers in real-time. Some of the updates in which customers will benefit include multi-language support, bulk file uploads, multiple auto-approval rules, newly developed templates, and the ability to export in multiple formats.,

Plumtree Ships Products to Support WSRP & Proposed JSR 168 Portlet Standards

Plumtree released new software to support Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) from OASIS and the proposed final draft of the Java Specification Request 168 (JSR 168) portlet standard. For both standards implementations, Plumtree’s support extends to versions 4.5, 4.5WS and 5.0 of the Plumtree Corporate Portal. Currently in proposed final draft, JSR 168 is developed though the Java Community Process with contributions and support from an 18-member Expert Group (EG). It is a portlet standard for portal computing designed to establish a common interface for portlets. Final release of the standard is expected later this month. Plumtree plans to update its container with any changes made in the final release of the JSR 168 standard. In any implementation of JSR 168, the portal communicates with a container, which contains the actual JSR 168 portlet. The Plumtree Container was designed to run on many application servers and Web servers including Apache Tomcat, BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere.

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