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Day: June 16, 2003

IXIASOFT Introduces Two European OEM CMSs to North America

IXIASOFT introduced the content management solutions of two European-based OEM partners, Ailink and Eurocortex to the North American marketplace. These solutions were specifically developed for the cross-media publishing industry. Both content management solutions are based on TEXTML Server, IXIASOFT’s native XML repository and information retrieval server. InfoPolis simplifies the editorial approval process and manages publishing workflows. InfoPolis is also tightly integrated with InDesign and InCopy. In conjunction to Ailink’s editorial solution, IXIASOFT is introducing Eurocortex, developer of Intelligent Content Manager (ICM), an on-line archiving system for content aggregation and delivery. Ailink is for the production environment, and Eurocortex provides tools for archiving and re-purposing of content. TEXTML Server serves is at the heart of the ICM solution. Because their solutions are complementary, Ailink and Eurocortex also recently announced a partnership, aimed at newspapers and magazines.

FAST Acquires AltaVista Enterprise Search Business

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) announced the acquisition of the AltaVista enterprise search business, including more than two hundred customers, from Overture Services, Inc. for an undisclosed cash amount. Overture obtained the enterprise search business as part of the acquisition of the business of AltaVista, which was announced on April 28, 2003. FAST’s acquisition of AltaVista’s enterprise search business will allow FAST to provide AltaVista’s customers uninterrupted support and maintenance on their current platform and an opportunity to migrate to FAST Data Search, FAST’s suite of enterprise search and real-time filter solutions. This acquisition will not affect FAST’s product direction, as there are no plans to integrate the AltaVista enterprise search technology with FAST Data Search. As FAST continues the support and maintenance of current AltaVista enterprise search customers, it will encourage them to migrate to the FAST Data Search platform.

Appian Announces Availability of Enterprise Suite

Appian Corporation announced the general availability of Appian Enterprise, a J2EE compliant enterprise Web solution suite to integrate portal, document and content management, workflow, personalization, and identity management technologies. The Appian Enterprise solution suite is based on new versions of Appian’s portal, collaboration, and workflow technologies. The suite also introduces an advanced security and identity management engine that powers the delivery of ubiquitous, interactive personalization across the enterprise web. The Appian Enterprise suite includes an Enterprise Portal, Enterprise Content Management, Collaborative Document Management, Enterprise Workflow, Identity Management and Personalization, Enterprise Web Analytics, and Knowledge Management. The Appian Enterprise solution suite is available immediately.

Ipedo Announces XML-Based Solutions for Regulated Industries

Ipedo, Inc. announced the availability of two new XML-based solutions for regulated industries. Based on their XML Information Hub, these solutions offer an automated approach to fulfilling government and industry mandated reporting requirements in life sciences and financial services organizations. Partnering with Liquent, Ipedo offers life sciences organizations and financial institutions an end-to-end process for converting and assembling submissions documents. Using Liquent’s Xtent engine, existing documents are converted into XML and linked directly to the Ipedo XML Information Hub, which harvests the needed information, combines with other data sources, and formats into the required submission format. The Life Sciences solution will allow pharmaceutical and biotech companies to streamline drug submissions by converting old clinical, status, and research reports into XML. The Financial Services solution will expedite conformance with financial filing requirements and XBRL.,

Documentum Launches Component Exchange Program

Documentum introduced the availability of an online Component Exchange that gives Documentum developers access to pre-built, pre-tested, reusable software components. With the free, reusable components, Documentum developers can add business logic or enhance user interfaces to Documentum clients or custom-built applications. The components can be configured, using external XML files, to provide flexibility without coding. The Component Exchange offers an extensive library of web development and business object components, built and tested by Documentum, including a tax preparation application and an e-labeling application. Within the coming months, the exchange will be expanded to enable members of Documentum’s global developer community to contribute and share components that they have developed, tested and used.

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