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Day: June 1, 2003

Autonomy Releases ‘Core’ Algorithm Upgrade

Autonomy Corporation plc announced an upgrade to the core algorithms that power Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) Infrastructure technology. Dynamic Reasoning Engine vs 4 (DRE4) increases the speed and sophistication of real time analysis, and provides enhanced indexing performance, increased querying, improved storage, new logging features, enhanced field processing, split data storage, enhanced XML operations, multi-language support and simultaneous multi-security operations, Communication with DRE 4 is implemented over HTTP using XML and can adhere to .Net and SOAP. IDOL interface (application layer) Portal-in-a-Box vs 4 (PIB4) now provides a suite of analytics interfaces for automated navigation. These include enhanced automatic/manual query and results interfaces that power personalization and collaborative operations fusing text, voice and video sources in a single operation. For users who wish to employ manual operation techniques and editing features Legacy Compatibility Module vs 3 (LCM3) now provides as standard, advanced Proximity Keyword Search; Soundex; Metadata Search; Federated Search and Parametric Search.

Macromedia Announces Authorware 7

Macromedia announced Macromedia Authorware 7. Authorware enables developers to deliver AICC/ADL-SCORM compatible courseware, and the latest version adds learning management system Knowledge Objects that make it easier to communicate between the application and the LMS. A Learning Object Content Packager helps developers organize and upload content to the LMS. The packager compiles the metadata, Authorware files and resources, and an XML manifest into an ADL SCORM-compatible zip file. The product imports and exports XML to create data-driven applications, supports JavaScript to enable additional programming depth, and enables all product properties to be scripted, allowing developers to create commands, Knowledge Objects, and extensible content. Macromedia Authorware 7 is available as both a standalone product or as part of the Macromedia eLearning Suite. Authorware 7 is expected to ship later this month for Windows 98, SE, Me, NT 4, 2000, and XP. The product is priced at $2,999 for new users, $399 to upgrade from Authorware 6.5, and $899 to upgrade from Authorware 5.x and 6.0, with educational pricing at $499.

Progressive Announces Vasont SG for Small Groups

Progressive Information Technologies announced the release of Vasont SG, a low-cost version of its content management system for cross-media publishing. Vasont SG specifically addresses fundamental content management needs for editorial groups with limited resources. Vasont SG is available as a client/server system for small editorial groups within organizations that have a need for content management for technical documentation, manuals, reference materials, and publications that are continually updated and republished in multiple media channels. The license fee for Vasont SG is $29,975 USD and includes one server and five client/server seats. Full support and training are also available. Vasont SG clients who determine a need for additional seats, Web seats, or advanced content management functionality can purchase a full Vasont system and receive credit for the entire Vasont SG purchase price.

Stibo Catalog Releases STEP ePublisher in North America

Stibo Catalog announced the North American release of its STEP ePublisher. This tool enables formatted and stylized product data to be produced for web, intranet and/or CD-ROM catalogs and simplifies dynamic publishing. At the same time, it improves the efficiency of publishing paper catalogs. STEP ePublisher supports dynamic web publication and provides a summary of the current status of the content objects contained in an electronic catalog that has been created (draft, approved or published). The appropriate status is shown via color coding. The STEP ePublisher process is always linked to a specific publication defined within the Publication Manager, a cornerstone of the STEP application suite.

FatWire Completes divine CM Acquisition; Sells Eprise to SilkRoad

FatWire Software announced it has completed the acquisition of divine’s Content Management business from Saratoga Partners, a New York private equity firm. As part of the divine bankruptcy auction, Saratoga Partners acquired certain assets of divine, including divine’s content management assets, and Saratoga Partners simultaneously transferred the content management assets to FatWire.
FatWire also announced that it had completed the sale of the Participant Server product line (formerly Eprise, Inc.) to SilkRoad Technology, Inc. FatWire will focus its efforts on its enterprise content management software, Content Server and UpdateEngine. Existing investors in FatWire, including Topspin Partners, EuclidSR Partners, Wheatley Partners and Newlight Associates, purchased additional equity in FatWire to fund the acquisition as well as to provide additional working capital to fund the company’s projected growth.

Interwoven to Acquire MediaBin

Interwoven, Inc. announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire MediaBin, a digital asset management (DAM) company. The two companies announced the integration of their products in October 2002. The new joint solution will combine Interwoven Intelligence Server software for content classification and taxonomy management with MediaBin, to deliver intelligent management of rich media assets. This combination of Interwoven and MediaBin’s capabilities will allow organizations to protect their brand by ensuring consistent, accurate, and current content assets to support all enterprise products and services. This new solution will include extensions to print applications, such as Adobe InDesign, and will utilize Interwoven’s ContentServices standard for Web Service-enabled applications. The Interwoven Digital Brand Management Solution is available from Interwoven today and can be purchased for an entry price of $100K. Interwoven will market both the MediaBin DAM line of products and the combined MediaBin and Interwoven solution immediately. Interwoven client services and technical support are trained and prepared to assist customers with these products.

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