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Day: April 13, 2003

Canto Releases Free Update to Web Publisher Pro

Canto announced that Web Publisher Pro 1.0.1 is immediately available. Web Publisher Pro is a tool for publishing and marketing your digital assets on dynamically generated Web pages. It is an Option to the Cumulus Workgroup Edition. Web Publisher Pro 1.0.1 includes improved user handling and log functionality. 1.0. Compatibility with other products has also been improved, e.g. asset conversion functionality of Cumulus HELIOS Companion. The enhanced user management of the new version now offers user rights. Web Publisher Pro 1.0.1 will now be delivered with Jakarta Tomcat 4.1.18 and includes an update of the Cumulus Java Classes that are now available with version 5.5.2. Web Publisher Pro 1.0.1 is available with an English, German, French or Japanese user interface on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris. Web Publisher Pro costs $1495 per server installation. Updates of Web Publisher Pro 1.0 to Web Publisher Pro 1.0.1 are free of charge.

Dynix to Integrate Grokker

Dynix has entered a strategic partnership with Groxis Inc. and has announced plans to integrate Grokker, a graphical informational interface, with future editions of Horizon Information Portal. Dynix will resell Grokker as an optional product for library customers of Horizon Information Portal. Grokker improves the way information is accessed and organized during search sequences by quickly converting data, documents, and search results into contextually relevant, graphical knowledge maps. Search results become a series of circles within circles, with each concentric circle representing a topic and subtopic that is sorted by size and color and based on relevancy. A user can then dig deeper into the results until the desired information is found.,

Jeeves Solutions Updates Enterprise Search

Jeeves Solutions, a division of Ask Jeeves, Inc. announced the availability of a major upgrade to its product, JeevesOne. The ability to search multiple backend systems simultaneously and deliver results in real time, improved relevance with Precise Answers, and an easy-to-use Administrative Console are among the featured enhancements. JeevesOne 3.0 is an enterprise search platform, offering a comprehensive combination of fourth generation natural language processing (NLP) search technology, analytics and enterprise connectivity. Whether the answer resides in unstructured Web content or structured data sources, JeevesOne can make information accessible in real time and in one place through its Enterprise Integration Server (EIS). JeevesOne 3.0’s flexible output determines both how information is presented and what information is presented, returning the best answer available to a user’s question.

Mobius Announces ViewDirect Contenuity 5.1

Mobius Management Systems, Inc. announced ViewDirect Contenuity 5.1, an integrated component of the ViewDirect TCM software suite of total content management solutions. ViewDirect TCM is built on a content repository that integrates and stores all the enterprise content that supports Web sites and business processes. ViewDirect Contenuity delivers Web site management, document management and digital asset management in a single platform integrated with all components of ViewDirect TCM. ViewDirect Conentuity 5.1 is integrated with DocumentDirect for the Internet, the Web viewing component of ViewDirect TCM, giving users access to content in the ViewDirect TCM repository while maintaining all security provisions. This integration enables the ViewDirect Contenuity user to manage and present documents in any format, including PCL, PostScript, PDF, XML, HTML, AFP, DJDE/Metacode, images, text, rich media, word processing, and spreadsheets. ViewDirect Contenuity 5.1 is available now.

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