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Raining Data Announces Developer Release of TigerLogic XML Data Management Server on Windows

Raining Data Corporation announced availability of the developer release of its TigerLogic XML Data Management Server (XDMS) V1.0 on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. TigerLogic XDMS is information infrastructure software that provides scalability, XA-compliant transactional integrity and fine-grain search capabilities, as well as the dynamic extensibility, n-tier hierarchies and ease of use and deployment. Developers use J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA), and XML Schema, XSLT, SOAP and XPath to store and retrieve information and “eliminate the need for XML to relational data mapping”. TigerLogic XDMS bridges the gap between structured and unstructured data and provides a significant gain in performance of XML data access. TigerLogic XDMS complements Enterprise Application and Information Integration (EAI and EII), RDBMS and application server software to provide a high-performance XML-querieable and extensible mid-tier platform for storage of business information and application meta-data. Developers can tap into business intelligence across structured operational data stores (ODS) residing in RDBMS as well as unstructured flat-file text documents, images, email and spreadsheets housed in shared file systems or content repositories. The developer release of Raining Data’s TigerLogic XDMS is available for Windows 2000 and XP. Product license fee pricing starts at $25,000 per server. Availability on Solaris, Linux and other platforms is scheduled for 2003.

Metaverse launches XForm Web Service to Convert Microsoft Word Documents to XML

Metaverse Corporation launched its XForm Web Service, which converts Microsoft Word documents to XML format and is an XML/SOAP Web Service, built on the Microsoft .NET platform. To see the Web Service in action, users can launch a demo application from Metaverse’s corporate web site. Free trial licenses are available for developers to call the Web Service directly from their own custom applications. The XForm Web Service is completely free for up to 50 transformations per month. Beyond the free trial version, pricing starts at $39.00/month for up to 500 transformations. Volume pricing and OEM options (online and offline) are available upon request.

Authentica Introduces SafeRoute

Authentica, Inc. introduced SafeRoute, an enterprise secure messaging solution for guarding sensitive e-mail shared within or outside corporate boundaries. SafeRoute is a secure messaging solution to provide both automatic e-mail security and the option for individual users to protect their own outgoing messages. SafeRoute gives enterprises a solution to centrally manage and control corporate e-mail in accordance with established e-mail security and retention policies without disrupting their existing messaging infrastructure or requiring cumbersome steps for users. The SafeRoute messaging solution is part of Authentica’s content security suite that also includes PageRecall for secure document sharing and NetRecall for secure sharing of Web content. Authentica’s products can protect information persistently even after it is downloaded, allowing full control over distribution, printing, expiration and revocation of information.

iManage Adds Partners & Unveils Solutions Catalog

iManage, Inc. announced the addition of several new partners to its iDevelop program, which brings together companies that have developed software applications that integrate with iManage WorkSite. The company also introduced a new Solutions Catalog listing more than 60 products now available to extend the capabilities of WorkSite. iManage WorkSite suite delivers document management, collaboration, workflow and knowledge management accessible through an integrated portal in a single integrated Internet solution. The new partners announced include providers of workgroup, wireless and legal industry software solutions: Ricoh, Onset Technology, and Legal Files Software Inc. The full spectrum of iDevelop products and functionality are listed in the Solutions Catalog. Acquires Globalization Management System from Convey, inc. announced that the company has purchased a suite of globalization management applications from Convey Software (formerly eTranslate). The transaction, which combines the localization services of with software designed for multilingual content management, creates a full service offering for companies with a significant multilingual Web presence. The GMS applications, called GlobalLink and Ultra, integrates with Interwoven’s TeamSite. was previously a service partner to Convey Software and most recently acted as a reseller of GlobalLink.

Ephox Releases EditLive! for Java 2.0

Ephox announced the general availability of EditLive! for Java 2.0, the next generation of its Web-based content authoring application. EditLive! for Java 2.0 adds features such as support for XML, support for the WebDAV, and compliance with Section 508. EditLive! is a content authoring application for non-technical users, allowing them to make content updates in a word processor-like environment. EditLive! ties into content management and CRM solutions such as Vignette, FileNET, Stellent and KANA. EditLive!’s server-based architecture enables administrators to control how content updates occur, even as the application scales to thousands of users. A multi-platform solution, EditLive! supports both Windows and Java environments in Internet Explorer and Netscape. EditLive! for Java 2.0 is now available. The pricing of EditLive! For Java 2.0 starts at $35 per user or $5,000 per CPU. An evaluation kit and online demos are available.

IONA & Altova Bundle XMLBus and XMLSPY

IONA and Altova announced a strategic partnership that will include the bundling of Altova’s XMLSPY 5 with IONA’s Orbix E2A XMLBus. IONA’s Orbix E2A XMLBus provides a software infrastructure platform for the development, deployment, integration and management of secure Web services to support the integration of business applications within the enterprise. Altova’s XMLSPY 5 supports the visual design, editing and validation of XML documents, WSDL, XML schema and XSLT stylesheets. Using these products together, a software developer can create and deploy Web services using either legacy code written in CORBA, EJB or Java through the use of WSDL auto-generation utilities, or develop a new Web service application using visual tools for building WSDL and XML Schema. The IONA Orbix E2A XMLBus and Altova XMLSPY 5 product bundle is available immediately for purchase at the Altova Online Shop. The product bundling includes XMLSPY 5 Enterprise Edition and a one-year development license for the Orbix E2A XMLBus for a discounted price of $1399. A free trial version of XMLSPY Enterprise Edition can be downloaded from,

FatWire Launches UE Secure Deploy

FatWire Software launched its new software product, UE Secure Deploy, designed to improve the security, availability, and scalability of enterprise Web sites and content centric Web applications. An add-on to FatWire’s enterprise-level dCM software UpdateEngine, UE Secure Deploy offers advanced support for clustering. FatWire UE Secure Deploy provides advanced security, reliability, and scalability among separate environments while supporting the content authoring, workflow, and publishing functionality core to UpdateEngine. UE Secure Deploy is a principle component of the FatWire UpdateEngine ECM Suite. UE Secure Deploy functionality includes: Promote – for production of structured and unstructured content across firewalls; Demote – for removal of content and files from production servers; Bulk Promote/Demote – for timed promotion and demotion of groups of content items and files; and Fetch – provides retrieval of content submitted by site visitors for processing through workflow.

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