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Day: November 18, 2002

InStranet Announces Content Application Foundation V3

InStranet, Inc. announced the release of InStranet v3 Content Application Foundation (CAF). A new version of its content infrastructure technology. InStranets CAF offers built-in information exchange and transformation components, programming support with a new Java Bean interface, an enhanced software development kit, and portability support for multiple data bases and application servers. InStranets solutions apply the metaphor of business intelligence to organizing content. Just as BI applications sift through data based on descriptive categories, non-technical business users need to access structured and unstructured documents based upon several levels of metadata. With the introduction of InStranets v3 CAF, the company now provides a suite of tools called “Application Exchange” that enables enterprises to integrate InStranet with Document Management (DM), Business Intelligence (BI), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The newly offered InStranet SDK provides transparent access to all Java objects.

Wipro & Artesia Partner

Wipro Technologies announced it will partner with Artesia Technologies, Inc. to deliver rich-media content management solutions to Wipro’s customers. Wipro will offer its integrated solutions to media companies in North America and Europe, and will be the first partner of Artesia Technologies in the Asia Pacific region for implementing Artesia’s DAM solution. Working with Artesia, Wipro Technologies will offer integrated solutions to media and entertainment customers with Digital Asset Management as a core piece of the offering.,

Day Announces Availability of Communique 3.5

Day Software announced availability of Communique 3.5, the newest version of their content management product. Communique 3.5 Application Services provide out-of-the-box capabilities for Content Management, Portal Management, Graphics and Digital Asset Management, Business Process and Workflow. Day’s Content Management capabilities provide design templates and wizards, consistent separation of design and content, separate design worlds for corporate design information and inheritance of design to sub pages. The Communique 3.5 Graphics and Digital Asset Management capabilities provide a browser-based, Photoshop-like environment. Communique 3.5 Content Services include capabilities for federated search, virtual versioning, security/access control, single sign-on, observation, indexing and serialization. Connection Services allow enterprises to leverage the content stored in enterprise systems like SAP R/3, document and file storage systems like Lotus Notes and security systems like LDAP. Communique 3.5 is a Java application and runs inside J2EE application servers or as a servlet with Web servers. Support for application servers includes IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, SunONE, Oracle 9i and ATG Dynamo.

iManage Releases Latest Version of Report Manager for WorkSite

iManage, Inc. announced the release of Report Manager for WorkSite. The new product adds fully integrated enterprise report management (ERM) functionality for the storage and retrieval of computer-generated documents to the company’s collaborative content management application suite. With iManage’s integrated document management, collaboration, portal access, workflow, and knowledge management suite, end users can view and collaborate on COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk)/ERM content, including enterprise reports, computer generated invoices, credit memos and statements, as well as business transactions represented by XML or SQL data. Integration with iManage WorkSite enables customers to extend ERM capabilities across transactions generated by customer line-of-business systems that range from in-house developed software to packages from ERP/CRM vendors including Baan, JD Edwards, Onyx, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP and Siebel. The replacement of outdated archiving methods with reliable, real-time access to documents, including online query and retrieval capabilities, enables productivity gains and better customer service. Report Manager for Worksite and Worksite MP will be available in Q4 2002. iManage Report Manager is powered by Acartus.,

IBM & Vignette Expand Strategic Alliance

Vignette Corp. announced an expansion of its existing strategic alliance with IBM Corp. to include solutions that will help companies better manage the content of their corporate intranets. Under terms of the expanded agreement, Vignette has become a certified Web content management business partner for IBM’s Dynamic Workplaces initiative. The new initiative is designed to offer a broad set of intranet-based collaborative technologies, such as e-meetings, e-learning, eHR and instant messaging. As a part of this announcement, Vignette is debuting Vignette for IBM Dynamic Workplaces, a configuration of its content management application that is tightly linked with IBM’s Dynamic Workplaces offering. Vignette will also offer integration with IBM’s Content Management software in the fourth quarter of this year.,

Stellent Content Management V. 6 Now in Six Languages

Stellent, Inc. announced Stellent Content Management Version 6 is now localized in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish, enabling users to interact with the Stellent system in their native languages. Users can choose their language preference when they create user profiles in the Stellent Content Management system, and the Stellent Content Server then automatically presents the interface in the preferred language. Stellent also announced new content contribution functionalities. The new Stellent Drive module enables users to contribute content to offline folders and extends Stellent’s WebDAV content contribution functionality to non-WebDAV applications, such as Framemaker, Photoshop, AutoCAD and Microsoft Office `97. This extension simplifies the content check-in and check-out process by enabling users of non-WebDAV applications to contribute content directly to Stellent and also access content managed by Stellent.

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