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Month: November 2002 (Page 1 of 8)

Microsoft Announces Solution for Intranets 1.5 & Groove Partner Solution

Microsoft Corp. announced the availability of its newest version of the Microsoft Solution for Intranets (MSI). With the Microsoft Solution for Intranets 1.5, Microsoft is extending collaboration opportunities through companies such as Groove Networks Inc., which will release within the next 30 days a partner solution offering that integrates with the MSI technology. The Groove Networks software integrates Groove Workspace with SharePoint Team Services. The MSI 1.5 improves on the 1.0 platform with several upgrades that promote collaboration and ease of use. Chief among these is the addition of Microsoft Producer, which allows a content author to create rich-media presentations (audio or video synchronized with PowerPoint slides and other HTML elements) for on-demand viewing. Other additions include streamlined integration between the MSI 1.5 and Microsoft Content Management Server and the installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework on all servers in the solution, enabling the development of collaborative Web services.

Inxight Enhances SAP Alliance & Adds 7 Languages to LinquistX

Inxight Software, Inc. announced that it has enhanced its alliance with SAP AG through an expanded software licensing agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, twenty-three languages within Inxight’s LinguistX Platform, a natural language text processing system, will now be made available within mySAP Enterprise Portal. Inxight also announced it has added seven languages to its LinguistX portfolio, bringing the total to twenty-three. Languages that SAP has added include Russian, Polish, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian and Turkish. Additional languages to be made available within mySAP Enterprise Portal include Hebrew and Thai.

TextCafe Version 3.0 Supports SVG

Texterity, Inc. announced TextCafe Version 3.0, providing conversion of PDF into SVG pages, XML-based table of contents, and XML document search indexes. SVG provides customers with an XML-based representation of pages that are identical to the original printed page. With TextCafe 3.0, publishers can publish on-line and off-line versions of materials using standard web browsers for Windows, Macintosh and other platforms. TextCafe 3.0 provides: Automatic conversion from PDF to SVG pages, page-based word lists for indexed searches, and structural Table of Contents in XML; the ability to view SVG pages within any HTML page, using the Adobe SVGViewer; support for embedded fonts, including SVG standard font drawing instructions or Adobe Compact Embedded Fonts (CEF); atomatic extraction and optimization of all raster and bitmap images into PNG or JPEG formats; translation of line-drawingd or images into SVG vector formats; and matching between reflowable XML/OEB output, word indexes and SVG pages, enabling word highlighting and relevancy searching.

Xythos Announces Updates & OEM Deal with Stellent

Xythos Software announced updraded WebFile Server and WebFile Client products. The company’s Intellitach technology automatically replaces email file attachments with secure links (URLs). The company’s WebFile Server introduces secure file sharing within portal environments including the Plumtree Corporate Portal, Computer Associates’ Clever Path, and Blackboard’s Community Portal for education. When used in combination with email applications such as Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook the new Xythos products migrate historically inaccessible file information from PCs and department level servers into Internet file servers. Xythos software is designed for the everyday user not traditionally served by enterprise content management applications. Xythos products deliver file sharing tools that work inside the applications that users already know, making file sharing familiar even when those applications aren’t WebDAV compatible. Xythos also announced that Stellent has licensed their technology.

InStranet Announces Content Application Foundation V3

InStranet, Inc. announced the release of InStranet v3 Content Application Foundation (CAF). A new version of its content infrastructure technology. InStranets CAF offers built-in information exchange and transformation components, programming support with a new Java Bean interface, an enhanced software development kit, and portability support for multiple data bases and application servers. InStranets solutions apply the metaphor of business intelligence to organizing content. Just as BI applications sift through data based on descriptive categories, non-technical business users need to access structured and unstructured documents based upon several levels of metadata. With the introduction of InStranets v3 CAF, the company now provides a suite of tools called “Application Exchange” that enables enterprises to integrate InStranet with Document Management (DM), Business Intelligence (BI), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The newly offered InStranet SDK provides transparent access to all Java objects.

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