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Day: October 14, 2002

Saqqara Announces ContentWorks 3.0

SAQQARA Systems, Inc. announced the release of Saqqara ContentWorks 3.0, an automated product content management solution. WorkFlow and AutoExecution work together to significantly reduce administration time for catalog updates by automatically adding catalog updates based on delta processing. Taxonomy-to-Taxonomy mapping of product information from one catalog hierarchy is automatically converted to another. XML Import/Export of cleansed product, customer data or ERP item masters enables use by other enterprise applications or trading partners on both the supply side and the channel side. Specifically designed for buy-side implementations, the 2nd Source Substitution feature recognizes that an item is a duplicate item from a second supplier, and automatically merges the information into a single item, without losing the fact that it is available from two sources. Saqqara ContentWorks 3.0 is available immediately. Special upgrade pricing and maintenance agreements are available to current CommerceSuite customers.

Autonomy Announces Collaboration Solution

Autonomy Corporation plc announced the release of Autonomy’s Collaboration and Enterprise Networks (CEN). CEN makes it possible for organizations to capture, visualize and manage employee expertise and make knowledge available throughout the enterprise regardless of location. Autonomy’s software generates profiles implicitly and explicitly. As users interact with content, the system understands the concepts within the content and automatically develops a profile or adjusts it as the users work projects change. In addition, because Autonomy understands conceptually user profiles and content, it will link together employees that are working on similar projects even though it may not sound like they are doing related work. CEN allows enterprises to get an overview of what information they have, who is working on or using that information, and who the experts are on particular topics within the organization. CEN’s ability to profile network traffic through “mapping and visualization” (color-coded views of where information is located and how much is there) delivers a picture of activities on a daily basis.

Soholaunch Announces Linux-Based, Website Creation & Management Tool

Soholaunch, Inc. announced the release of the Soholaunch Site Management Tool (SMT), a thin-client website development application that creates and manages database-driven websites through a “drag and drop” browser interface. Soholaunch SMT is written in PHP and installs on servers running a Linux operating system and a mySQL database. Soholaunch’s license allows for source code editing by the licensee as well as sharing of modifications and enhancements via the company’s developers’ network. Soholaunch has signed a distribution agreement with Red Hat, Inc. for a free evaluation copy of the SMT to be included on the Linux Application CD packaged with the new Red Hat 8.0 OS release. The Soholaunch Site Management Tool is available immediately at and is priced at $799 for the SMT Pro and $199 for the SMT Lite. Until December 31, 2002 there is an introductory special on-line pricing of $299 for the SMT Pro and $49 for the SMT Lite.

Interwoven Incorporates Systinet for Web Services Infrastructure

Systinet announced that Interwoven, Inc. has selected Systinet to power Web services for its TeamSite Front-Office 5.5 software, which allows business users to collaborate on shared documents and submit content from a variety of desktop applications. Systinet WASP is also embedded in the Content Services SDK, which provides secure SOAP Web services functionality for provisioning Interwoven Enterprise Content Management functions to applications such as portals. The Systinet WASP suite of products is a solution for building, deploying, securing and managing Web services. Systinet WASP Server for Java and WASP Server for C++ are Web services runtime environments that support SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, and WSDL 1.1.,

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