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Day: October 10, 2002

Soft Experience Releases Catalogue 4.0

Soft Experience has released Catalogue 4.0 – Files Metadata Miner. Catalogue 4.0 is a Windows utility to automatically gather file metadata and to generate HTML/XML/RDF reports. Collected metadata includes: Microsoft Office, Star Office and summary information; summary information of any Windows 2000 file; HTML document title and meta tags according to Dublic Core schema (IETF RFC 2731); Adobe XMP metadata; user-defined information of any Microsoft Office or document; Macintosh comments of any Macintosh file stored on NTFS volumes; PDF Document information; and IPTC-NAA fields for JPEG/TIFF images. The program can generate directly HTML, CSV, Word or XML reports of collected metadata, and is able to apply appropriate XSL transformations to build any text/csv/html/xml report. Language support includes English, French, German, and Portuguese,and you can modify or add your own user interface language.

Mobius Acquires Cytura

Mobius Management Systems, Inc. announced that it has acquired technology and certain other assets of Cytura Corp. Cytura software delivers Web site management, document management and digital asset management in a single platform. It gives business managers and non-technical employees the ability to create, personalize, transform, manage and publish content. Cytura technology will be integrated with the Mobius ViewDirect TCM software suite to deliver a comprehensive integrated solution for enterprise content requirements. Mobius paid Cytura $2.2 million in cash for the acquired assets. In approximately one year, Mobius may be obligated to pay Cytura up to an additional $800,000, depending on the price of Mobius common stock over the next thirteen months.

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