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Day: September 15, 2002

Ektron Releases CMS100 Version 2.0

Ektron, Inc. announced the release of Ektron CMS100 version 2.0. In addition to supporting Microsoft ASP and Macromedia ColdFusion, the new release supports Microsoft ASP.NET and PHP platforms. Ektron’s browser-based content management solution provides core content authoring and publishing capabilities for US$499. Ektron CMS100 offers a familiar word processor-like editing toolbar and intuitive interface for content publishing by non-technical users. Web professionals can easily configure and customize the solution to maintain control over navigation, look and feel, and other site infrastructure. Beyond added support for ASP.NET and PHP, Ektron CMS100 now offers user-controlled dynamic navigation, whereby non-technical content contributors create dynamically generated navigation based upon content in the database. Additional enhancements include improved style sheet support, new search functionality, a new interface for editor configuration, and improved branding capabilities.

Open Text Introduces Content Management Offering For Livelink

Open Text Corporation is extending Livelink to offer integrated Web content management. The new offering will tie content management into Livelink’s knowledge management and collaborative capabilities. Information from other applications such as databases, document management repositories and other enterprise applications can be dynamically extracted and integrated into the website. Content Management for Livelink will also be fully integrated with Livelink’s collaboration tools, enabling workflows to be used for content approval processes, and providing access to real-time collaboration with Livelink MeetingZone. Content Management for Livelink will include: Content authoring and creation, Multilingual site creation and management, Content approval and staging, Content distribution and syndication, and Content delivery and personalization. Content Management for Livelink will also provide out-of-the-box integration with application servers and personalization engines, such as BEA’s Weblogic and IBM’s Websphere.

FatWire Software Launches UE Studio 2.0

FatWire Software announced the release of UE Studio 2.0, the latest edition of its development tool to build and automate Web applications. An add-on to FatWire’s enterprise-level dCM software UpdateEngine, UE Studio 2.0 offers expanded functionality to maximize developer efficiency, and ease the application backlog. UE Studio 2.0 provides tools to two types of users: programmers, who develop content centric applications and “power users,” who understand and support the content management system but do not necessarily have programming skills. The new JSP (Java Server Page) Builder gives developers the ability to automatically generate JSP pages which displays the managed content within a framework that includes navigation as well as provides a foundation for laying out the look and feel of the site. The new Page Builder generates static HTML pages for solutions that do not require dynamic access to content, and the new Data Import Tool imports all types of structured content into the UpdateEngine managed content repository.

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