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Day: September 9, 2002

WebWare Announces Product Launch Solution

WebWare Corporation announced the introduction of the WebWare Product Launch Solution. Based on WebWare MAMBO digital asset management technology, the Product Launch Solution is an outsourced service hosted by WebWare that reduces the time it takes for a company to bring a product to market. The solution is completely web-based. The Product Launch Solution enables secure digital distribution over the Internet of both in-process and ready-to-use marketing collateral to global recipients in advance of a launch. Such items might include video and audio content, 3-D graphics and compound documents such as data sheets, sales presentations, marketing white papers, official logos, product shots, print advertisements (in multiple sizes and formats), product messaging, and marketing support materials. The solution features: Cross-media support for managing multiple media and production file types; Simple file upload and cataloging process; High-availability, enterprise security; full back-up; and Rapid ramp-up with minimal organizational distraction. This is the first in a series of WebWare Business Solutions planned by the company. Pricing and availability will be announced shortly.

Documentum Announces Documentum 5

Documentum announced Documentum 5, the latest version of its ECM platform. The Documentum 5 platform offers: Enhanced usability and deployability to enable widespread adoption of content management; Expanded enterprise collaboration that can be extended to any business process; Fixed content management, to manage images, reports and records; Advanced trust, security and compliance services to provide protection of content assets; and a standards-based development environment for easy application development. Documentum 5 offers unified content services for enterprise document management (EDM), web content management (WCM), digital asset management (DAM) and now fixed content management (FCM) — records, reports and scanned images — in a single, integrated platform.

EMC & Documentum Announce Centera and Documentum Integration

EMC Corporation and Documentum announced they have completed integration between Documentum’s ECM platform and the EMC Centera Content Addressed Storage (CAS) solution. The two companies also announced plans to provide Documentum 5 with extended fixed content management (FCM) features based on Centera. EMC Centera is an online storage architecture specifically designed to address the unique storage requirements of fixed content, such as photos, videos, audio, graphics and web content. Centera integration with Documentum’s ECM platform provides a total solution for managing, distributing, exchanging and storing large volumes of content across an entire enterprise.,

Grey Zone Releases SecureZone 5 for Xserve & Mac OS X

Grey Zone Inc. announced the immediate availability of SecureZone 5 for Apple’s Xserve and Mac OS X Server version 10.2. Grey Zone’s solution offers Xserve users essential features required of Extranets, such as access control, content management, personalization, and presentation. Grey Zone’s software is an end-to-end solution that provides a foundation for extranets as well as corporate intranets and public web sites.

Atomz Announces Enhancements

Atomz announced numerous enhancements to its Atomz Publish and Atomz Search applications. Among the enhancements announced by Atomz is support for Macromedia Flash content, including Macromedia Flash MX, within Atomz Search. Atomz Search supports the indexing and crawling of Macromedia Flash content and applications. Other enhancements announced by Atomz include: Advanced Phrase, Acronym and Synonym Support (Atomz Search); Advanced Template Management (Atomz Publish). Related Content Display (Atomz Publish and Atomz Search); Forms-Based Authentication (Atomz Search); Advanced Search Templates Management (Atomz Publish and Atomz Search); Time-To-Search Display (Atomz Search); and Media Manager (Atomz Publish).

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