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FileNET Delivers Integrated Reporting & Analytics

FileNET Corporation introduced the Process Analyzer, a reporting and analytics tool designed to help enterprises optimize their business operations and increase the returns they realize from their Business Process Management (BPM) investment. Using a graphical interface, the Process Analyzer provides visibility into business processes with tracking metrics and reports. The solution offers seamless integration with FileNET’s Enterprise Content Management framework. The Process Analyzer helps companies establish benchmarks for evaluating business performance, and analyze productivity, efficiency and cycle time. It also enables managers to identify bottlenecks in their operations so they can reallocate under- or over-utilized resources. The Process Analyzer will be available in September and has a base configuration price point of $70,000 USD.

iPhrase & Stellent Partner

iPhrase Technologies, Inc. and Stellent, Inc. announced a partnership to integrate iPhrase One Step with the Stellent Content Server and Content Categorizer products. The companies will also engage in joint sales and marketing activities to their respective customer bases. The combined solution will help customers to deliver search results to a wide array of self-service systems, including portals and online customer support applications. The Stellent Content Categorizer supports the integration of third-party engines to enable the appropriate metadata to be extracted and specific taxonomies and vocabularies to be utilized during the check in process. iPhrase One Step self-service search provides the “last mile” of information access by automatically leveraging this organization and aggregation of content.,

RedDot Announces Live Support

RedDot Solutions announced the launch of RedDot Live Support, a web-based customer support system that enables visitors of the Extranet to instantaneously communicate with the technical support personnel. Extranet visitors simply click a Live Support button and are connected with one of the customer support representatives. RedDot Technical Support Consultants then assist the visitors by providing information, links, graphics, or even guiding them through the RedDot Content Management Server (CMS). RedDot’s technical support representatives can handle concurrent multiple Live Support calls instead of being limited to one phone conversation. All chat conversations are logged.

Opencola Adds Moreover’s Metabase to Search

Opencola Ltd. announced that it has signed an agreement with Moreover Technologies to enhance its search application with real-time access to news and information through Moreover’s Public Metabase. Moreover’s Public Metabase is a subset of 2,700 sources from its CI-Metabase, an XML database of online news content. Opencola’s new product, launching this fall, is a desktop application that enables knowledge seekers to search, acquire, manage and collaborate on distributed content from sources including the Internet, news feeds, peers and selected databases. Opencola is geared toward the professional who relies on research as an integral part of their job.

Summus Partners With FAST to Develop Wireless Search Applications

Summus, Inc. announced it has signed an agreement with Fast Search & Transfer (FAST). Under terms of the agreement, Summus will develop an enhanced multimedia search application for wireless phones utilizing FAST’s technology platform. This new application will provide users with the ability to use their wireless phones to search the Web for a wider variety of multimedia. Users will have the ability to view the items they find through the search including images, and in the future other multimedia, on their wireless phone. Users can store and search content in a personal multimedia storage directory accessible from their wireless phone or their PC.,

Cetara Releases Version 4 of WordShare

Cetara Corporation announced the release of Cetara WordShare version 4. This software, which enables authors to create, manage and share document content in an efficient and consistent manner, integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word for Windows, providing the authors with the ability to compose, edit and automate documents. Cetara WordShare users generate documents by using common elements referred to as ‘components.’ The users store components containing document content, and their corresponding information, in Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases. Using these components as building blocks, a user can quickly produce documents such as contracts, proposals, government and legal documents and loan applications. To download a free trial version of Cetara WordShare, see

Hummingbird & Whitehill to Provide Integrated Content Management Solution

Hummingbird Ltd. and Whitehill Technologies announced a strategic partnership. The new joint venture will provide existing Hummingbird customers with document transformation and presentment capabilities from within Hummingbird DM. The integration between Hummingbird DM and Whitehill Enterprise will allow Hummingbird DM users to convert billing data such as invoices, reports and prebills into professional-looking documents that in turn can be stored within Hummingbird DM, Hummingbird’s document management system.,

E-Botz Releases ContentAnywhere 2.0

E-Botz released ContentAnywhere 2.0, a major upgrade of its content management product. ContentAnywhere is based on Network Query Language (NQL) and is focused on delivery. With ContentAnywhere, information can be inserted into popular desktop applications, mail messages, contact managers, word processors, spreadsheets, presentation systems, and financial applications. The biggest improvement in ContentAnywhere 2.0 is in the area of scalability. Organizations can set up multiple content servers like a server farm and use the same data (taxonomy, cache, scripts, etc). An improved user interface and additional functions extend the ease of use of the product.

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