Percussion Software announced the immediate availability of Version 2.0 of the Rhythmyx Accelerator for Microsoft Word 2000. The Rhythmyx Accelerator for Microsoft Word V2.0 enables the Rhythmyx Content Manager to inherently support in-line links to other content being managed throughout the system directly from within Word. Contributors using Word as their authoring tool are able to take full advantage of all system content. Drop-down menus in Word for “CMS in-line link” or “CMS in-line image” allow contributors to search for, select and utilize content from anywhere in the Rhythmyx system. And with the newly added feature of “Open from Rhythmyx”, users can edit content entered by other users without leaving Word. With Rhythmyx, contributors always work on the original document rather than a filtered document so edits are not lost and publishers work from an original document while continuing to utilize notes, edits and annotations created by a previous editor or author. Further, “Save to Rhythmyx” directly from Word uploads the original document and the filtered document to the repository, as well as uploading the defined metadata and extracted fields, allowing for management, re-use aggregation, assembly and publishing. Rhythmyx Accelerator For Microsoft Word 2000 Version 2.0 is available immediately.