Quiver, Inc. announced Version 2.0 of QKS Classifier, an upgrade to its taxonomy platform. QKS Classifier is a categorization application for organizing, managing and distributing unstructured data through end user directories. QKS Classifier leverages automated categorization technologies to reduce the effort associated with accurately organizing unstructured data while. The expanded functionality of QKS Classifier Version 2.0 includes the following automated and interactive features: Support Vector Machine [SVM] Algorithm; Business Rules Engine; Publishing Rules; Enhanced Filtering Rules; Expiration Rules; Information Manager Wizards; End User Document Submission; Additional Taxonomy Import Capabilities; Enhanced Caching System; Expanded Inktomi/Search Support; and QKS Topic Advisor Integration. Quiver’s QKS Classifier release 2.0 is available immediately. www.quiver.com/products/classifier/index.html