Pindar Systems announced the commercial release of Agility v. 1.0, its new enterprise catalog commerce server. Agility, a comprehensive product information management system built with a Java-based, J2EE-compliant Web application server architecture, is now available for sale and installation, following field testing and quality assurance work with customers. Already supporting the latest BEA WebLogic application server, Agility is being extended to support IBM’s WebSphere server by this Fall. In addition to integration with QuarkXPress, Pindar Systems is working on a product information solution that integrates Adobe InDesign 2.0. Agility can be deployed across traditional Microsoft Windows, Web or the new Apple Macintosh OS/X platforms. It runs on Sun SPARC Solaris 7.0 and Intel NT 4.0 (and greater) servers. Supported enterprise databases are Oracle 8i and 9i and Microsoft SQL 2000.