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Day: June 23, 2002

TXT e-solutions Introduces Polymedia 3.0 with 9i Support

TXT e-solutions introduced the 3.0 version of Polymedia, a Content Management platform for companies in the Media and Public Administration sectors as well as for large information portals. The new version of Polymedia can be integrated with complex information systems including databases, versioning systems and directory services. Polymedia uses XML to offer support for the Oracle 9i database. TXT Polymedia 3.0 can also be fully integrated with external versioning systems like Microsoft Visual Source Safe and CVS. Directory services based on LDAP technology can also be used with TXT Polymedia 3.0 allowing for the integration of enhanced tools for the management of authorised platform users with the company’s pre-existing user identification systems. The new version also includes improved modelling functions. TXT Polymedia is able to manage the distribution, from the beginning, of complex and multimedia content through both traditional and new channels (web, telefony mobile, SMS, iTV, etc). TXT Polymedia is written in Java and can be used with Windows, Unix and Linux applications.

Interwoven Launches Content Management Solution for Government

Interwoven, Inc. launched the Interwoven Solution for Government, a platform for content management that helps federal, state, and local governments build initiatives such as public-facing citizen portals and internal facing agency portals and meet key government mandates to make electronic information and technology accessible to all people. The Interwoven government offering is built on top of the Interwoven 5 platform and includes ECM capabilities tailored to the specialized needs of E-Government. Interwoven said they are committed to enabling its customers’ compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments, Department of Defense legislation 5015.2, and Government Paperwork Elimination Act of 1988.

EDS, Sun, and Vignette Launch Secure Portal Solution

EDS, Sun Microsystems, and Vignette Corp. launched a new joint portal solution, based on the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) platform, which offers end users a single point of entry for information and solid levels of security. Designed to help companies and government agencies improve communication and productivity, the new Secure Enterprise Information Portal solution is designed to protect critical information assets, while delivering personalized content from multiple sources to the right audience via any device. Available today, can be integrated into existing business systems, scales to address future needs and can withstand strict regulatory requirements. This integrated solution also includes scalable content management applications, privacy, risk management and compliance assessments, as well as single sign-on, encryption and authentication capabilities. The Secure Enterprise Information Portal joins Sun’s portfolio of iForce solutions.,,

Obtree Enhances Support for Web Services

Obtree Technologies announced that it has added enhanced support for Web services to its Obtree C4 line of products. The “Obtree Word Integration Toolkit” integrates the functionality of Microsoft Word into a .NET Web Services interface (SOAP). This toolkit offers both out-of-the-box functionality and the ability to easily adapt to user’s specific needs, serving as a mediator between content creators and content consumers. Obtree’s increased support for this toolkit allows non-technical authors to create and manage meaningful information across departmental and geographic boundaries in real time. Obtree’s enhanced Web services capabilities are available immediately and are included in version 4.0.1 of Obtree C4 and the Obtree Portal Suite. Current customers may download both information and software from the company’s extranet site.

Atomz Launches Atomz Promote

Atomz launched Atomz Promote, an online application that integrates Atomz Search with the company’s Web content management system, Atomz Publish. Atomz Promote offers a way for companies to integrate content into search results through a single online application. Atomz Promote allows companies to instantly review and analyze site search requests and add relevant content to search results. For example, retailers can advertise timely promotions and link visitors to areas where they can purchase products or request more information. Media companies can highlight related editorial content to terms repeatedly searched for on their Web site. Atomz software is updated every week, not every six months, so customer feedback can be incorporated frequently. Atomz customer support diagnose issues and are able to fix them online, allowing rapid resolution of technical issues. Atomz Promote starts at $35,000 per year and comes bundled with Atomz’ site search application, Atomz Search.

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