Metatorial services Inc. and ZiaContent announced the launch of their new content management analysis and planning tool, the CMS Metatorial Planner. The “planner” is a hands-on workbook and a companion to the Content Management Bible, Bob Boiko’s book on content management. The CMS Metatorial Planner provides a complete example a company going through the process of analyzing their business and content needs prior to implementing a Web content management system (CMS). The example walks the reader through the steps of gathering the right information in order to pull together a comprehensive and cohesive communication and content management strategy, ultimately leading to the logical design of the CMS. Targeted toward a manager or group tasked with leading a content management initiative, the planner provides both practical real-world examples and a logical process for working through the complex tasks of understanding content management entities, such as project goals, the project mandate, the content domain, audiences, authors, sources, publications, templates, workflows, and staffing. The CMS Metatorial Planner is comprised of a 168-page guide, several dozen worksheets, and template for a final report that pulls the analysis together into a final deliverable. The planner is available for download from the metatorial services inc. Web site at an introductory price of $200.,