EMC Corporation introduced EMC Centera, a software-driven, “content-addressed storage” (CAS) solution to address the unique information storage requirements of long-lasting, unchanging objects – or “fixed content” – such as electronic documents, digital x-rays, digital MRIs, movies, e-mail, check images and broadcast content. Centera partners include: Agfa HealthCare, AMICAS, Artesia, Avid, Avalon, BakBone, BancTec, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, CommVault, Computer Science Corporation, Connected, Documentum, FileTek, Front Porch Digital, Fujitsu, Gauss, Hummingbird, IXOS, J&B Software, Kodak Medical Imaging, KPMG, KVS, Legato, Merge Technologies, Mobius, NICE Systems, OTG, Quest Software, Sarnoff, Scientific Software, Storigen Systems, TowerTech and Virage. While location-based methods found in network-attached storage (NAS) and storage-area networks (SAN) are optimized for frequently changing data, content-based addressing is specifically designed for the requirements of fixed content. EMC Centera is available immediately. List price begins at $101,500 for Centera hardware and $103,200 for Centera software, representing $204,700 for a 5-terabyte protected (10 terabytes raw capacity) total system configuration. Centera implementations scale from 5 terabytes (protected) to more than one petabyte, in 2.5-terabyte increments. Centera is available directly from EMC for customers with in-house application development capabilities, and through the large and increasing number of EMC Centera partners providing their own content management solutions across a wide range of industries. www.EMC.com