Oracle Corp. announced that Oracle9iAS enables full interoperability and enhanced performance between Adobe GoLive 6.0, a Web authoring tool, and Adobe AlterCast, a dynamic imaging server. By leveraging Oracle9iAS, Adobe GoLive and Adobe AlterCast software quickly and easily interoperate, enabling real-time development and accelerated delivery of content. Together, the three products allow Web designers and publishers to integrate and manage visually rich content with the dynamically generated JavaServer Pages (JSP) created by Java developers. In turn, Java developers can collaborate with Web designers and publishers to programmatically reformat and update visually rich images. Oracle9i Application Server supports J2EE 1.3, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, RosettaNet 1.1/2.0, ebXML, WebDAV, LDAP v3, SSL v3, and XML.