CrownPeak Technology introduced a new high-level template management system that provides business users with the ability to change the look and feel of an entire Web site via a browser interface. The company also announced a browser-based development environment targeted at professional Web developers. This template creation and management interface enables business users to modify templates, preview the resulting changes, schedule those templates live, and redesign the site on the fly. Because output templates are managed as assets in the system, multiple new look-and- feel options can be created, previewed, run through workflow, offered for collaboration and scheduled live. More basic changes to an existing template can be performed through a drag-and-drop interface. More complex actions, like adjusting navigation or setting a new layout, can be performed via a “helper” interface, or directly with the template’s HTML code. Advantage CMS is interoperable with other systems and applications. Connection options available to developers include SOAP, XML, FTP, Web Services, SMTP and ODBC.