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Day: March 26, 2002

Gauss Announces Support for Oracle9i Application Server

Gauss announced that its ECM Suite, VIP Enterprise, now runs on Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS). The combination of VIP Enterprise and Oracle9i Application Server helps reduce the time and cost of distributing content to the Web for enterprises with decentralized e-business environments. Oracle9iAS provides the infrastructure to deploy distributed Web applications. VIP Enterprise provides content management capabilities for the global enterprise, including multi-language support; a proxy-server architecture to securely extend content management across geographically dispersed Web sites; and support for database distribution and replication capabilities through the Oracle Database. Based on J2EE, VIP Enterprise runs on the J2EE Certified Oracle9i Application Server.

UniSite Announces launch of UniSite Content Manager

UniSite Software announced the launch of UniSite Content Manager, an advanced Web content management solution that “can be implemented in as little as two weeks”. The technology transforms an existing Web site into a database-driven site supporting content for multiple channels-including wireless-and allows team members to collaborate and update content easily from anywhere in the world. For marketing professionals and Webmasters who want fast, efficient up-keep of their Web sites, UniSite offers advantages in an affordable, rapidly implemented system. UniSite Content Manager’s unique technology scans an existing Web site, identifying and tagging content that needs to be managed, and structures it into a database-driven content management platform. Once a site is tagged, UniSite Content Manager is accessed through a Web browser while a workflow engine speeds updates and changes. UniSite can also manage multiple language versions of a site within the same structure.

Interwoven Announces Acquisition of XYZFind Technology

Interwoven, Inc. announced the launch of its Enterprise Discovery Framework and has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase assets of XYZFind Corporation. Interwoven’s Content Discovery Framework is an architectural layer that leverages metadata provided by Interwoven MetaTagger 3.0 and XML technologies provided by XYZFind to increase the efficiency and accuracy of information retrieval and reuse of enterprise content. Within the Discovery Framework, the XYZFind technology enables enterprises to organize XML content for easy access, quickly identify content elements to reduce redundancy, and promote efficient content retrieval. Interwoven’s Content Discovery Framework allows companies to access, tag, store and retrieve enterprise content regardless of its format or where it is located.

Oracle Announces Support for Adobe GoLive & AlterCast

Oracle Corp. announced that Oracle9iAS enables full interoperability and enhanced performance between Adobe GoLive 6.0, a Web authoring tool, and Adobe AlterCast, a dynamic imaging server. By leveraging Oracle9iAS, Adobe GoLive and Adobe AlterCast software quickly and easily interoperate, enabling real-time development and accelerated delivery of content. Together, the three products allow Web designers and publishers to integrate and manage visually rich content with the dynamically generated JavaServer Pages (JSP) created by Java developers. In turn, Java developers can collaborate with Web designers and publishers to programmatically reformat and update visually rich images. Oracle9i Application Server supports J2EE 1.3, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, RosettaNet 1.1/2.0, ebXML, WebDAV, LDAP v3, SSL v3, and XML.

Stellent Announces Support for Oracle9i Application Server

Stellent, Inc. announced the Stellent Content Management system now supports the Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS). Organizations can use the Stellent Content Integration (CI) Kit to integrate business and Web content with other enterprise applications running on Oracle9iAS, giving users dynamic delivery of content, access to content management functionality and the ability to transform enterprise portals into content-rich business communities. Stellent allows Oracle9i e-business applications to access the business and Web content managed by Stellent, as well as Stellent Content Management functions such as full-text and metadata searching, library services, and workflow.

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