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Day: March 4, 2002

ClearForest Announces ClearTags 4.0

ClearForest announced ClearTags 4.0, a comprehensive auto-tagging platform. The new version, which includes semantic, statistical and structural tagging, expands tagging output and the understanding and value of unstructured content. A new user control panel allows the definition of different tagging schemes for any type of document stream, monitoring the entire tagging process. ClearTags allows publishers, content providers and other content-intensive businesses, to precisely identify and automatically tag multiple relevant entities, facts and events buried within large textual repositories. The process produces richly-tagged XML files. The output of ClearTags can be used to create new products and re-package content for various downstream applications and delivery methods, or for further analysis. ClearTags accepts input in a variety of formats, including PDF, MS Office, HTML, and XML, and automatically enriches each document with an extensive set of relevant meta-tags. The tags are based on three main technologies: Semantic/Linguistic Information Extraction, Statistical Categorization, and Topological Analysis. ClearTags is also used to generate a ClearForest knowledge base, to be used with ClearResearch, ClearForest’s enterprise research application, or third-party Web applications.

Vignette Adds Support for Web Services

Vignette Corp. announced that it has added support for Web services to Vignette V6, the company’s Web content management solution. Vignette V6 enables content management processes to be exposed as Web services by offering support for the XML Schema, WSDL and SOAP standards in new Web services and XML adapter libraries. Vignette V6 also offers support for major industry-standard platforms, including the J2EE and Microsoft .NET standards, in addition to the IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic and Sun iPlanet application servers. Vignette’s Web services and XML adapter libraries are immediately available and are included with Vignette V6 software licenses in the Vignette V6 Content Suite Adapter. Existing customers can download the adapter libraries via Vignette Express, the company’s electronic software delivery service.

Accumedia Announces Accumedia Convergence Platform 2.5

Accumedia announced the release of version 2.5 of its Accumedia Convergence Platform (ACP) for Media, a web services content management and delivery solution specifically developed for the media industry. This latest version of Accumedia’s content management software provides print editors with the capability to easily schedule personalized content simultaneously for multiple publications or brands using simple, non-technical user interfaces. The new version’s new features include: WYSIWYG Content Editing, Graphical Content Scheduling, Segmentation-based Content Delivery, In-context Preview, On-Line Subscriptions, and E-mail Marketing.

Gauss & Artesia Partner

Gauss announced that the company has signed a Global Technology Partnership Agreement with Artesia Technologies, a market leader in Digital Asset Management. Under this agreement, the companies will work closely together to offer integrated, bundled solutions of their respective software products – VIP Enterprise 8 and TEAMS. The Gauss-Artesia partnership provides Global 1000 organizations with a unified solution spanning their diverse enterprise content repositories, allowing content contributors from a wide variety of areas to create, contribute, manage and dynamically repurpose all types of enterprise assets. The goals of the Gauss/Artesia Technology Alliance include product bundling and integration efforts, co-marketing campaigns and co-sales activities, initially in North America, and then in Europe.,

Ipedo Introduces XML Database 3.0

Ipedo, Inc. introduced the newest version of its Ipedo XML Database 3.0. The Ipedo XML Database’s unique fusion of XML query, management and transformation capabilities gives enterprises an XML infrastructure available today for distributed, dynamic information management. The Ipedo XML Database 3.0 introduces fully W3C-compliant XML Query implementation, new XML schema evolution capabilities, unique XML document versioning, improved SOAP support and further performance and scalability improvements. With these enhancements, businesses now can have the dynamic and reusable XML content infrastructure they need to support .NET and other Web Services applications, as well as a variety of enterprise portal, mobile, supply chain, collaborative and other XML content-intensive and personalized applications. The Ipedo XML Database 3.0 is available now for Windows 2000, Windows NT, Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux. Pricing is on a per-CPU basis.

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