Sageware announced the 1.5 version of its Content Tagger. By shipping pre-defined categories with the product, Sageware allows customers to quickly deploy a tagging solution without having to define their own taxonomy or ‘train’ the system with large amounts of sample content. The Content Tagger compares text-based information (documents, news feeds, web pages) to a set of Sageware categories to determine what information should be delivered to the user. Sageware’s categories are made of user defined, XML-compliant components and very explicitly determine that content should be categorized. Thousands of components exist in inventory allowing Sageware to quickly assemble the categories needed to meet each customer’s unique content management needs. The 1.5 version of Sageware’s product also includes an open API and ‘User Review’ module that allows for easy integration with content and document management systems. The ‘user review’ module allows individuals to easily modify the results of categorization prior to updating the content or document management system repository.