The Java Community Process’ (JCP) JSR 170 proposes that content repositories have a dedicated, standard way of interaction with applications that deal with content. It provides for access to content bi- directionally on a granular level within a repository. This will prevent applications from having to adapt to every vendor’s proprietary API to interact with content repositories. The JSR further proposes to define a way to integrate content-producer-applications (CMS) and content-consumer- applications (CRM, Portal, etc.). The proposal focuses on read/write access, binary and text based data, full-text searching, filtering, observation, versioning, semi, hard and soft-structured data. The Spec Lead is David Nuescheler, CTO of Day. Initial Expert Group to include Apache, ATG, Broadvision, Day, Deloitte Consulting, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Interwoven, SAP Portals, Silverstream, Sun, and Vignette. Information regarding progress on JSR 170 can be accessed at: