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Xyleme and Easypress Technologies Partner

Easypress Technologies announced a partnership with Xyleme S.A. that is aimed at helping newspaper publishers store, access and monitor content. The combination of two proven solutions working in tandem is expected to bring immediate returns on investment for newspaper publishers. To assist newspapers and other publishers who wish to develop a strategy for migration to XML, Xyleme and Easypress Technologies are running free of charge workshops, where experts will assess the needs of companies and recommend possible migration paths.,

SDL Releases Enterprise Translation Server 5

SDL International has announced a new release of Enterprise Translation Server, Version 5, with advances in linguistic and user functionality. Enterprise Translation Server Version 5 will ship with updated rules and dictionary files for all language directions. SDL has also made significant improvements to the foreign-language to English modules, particularly, French/English, Spanish/English, Italian/English and Portuguese/English. In addition, core dictionaries have been considerably expanded, particularly bi-lateral English/French, bi-lateral English/German, English/Spanish and Portuguese/English. More than 12,500 additional entries have been included within the core dictionaries, together with more than 1,000 new core phrases. SDL has also completed a cycle of the most thorough linguistic regression testing that the engine has seen since in recent years. Administration and translation privileges are now assignable by username and password or by IP address, with tracking of usage possible per user and per language direction.

Vignette to Integrate with iPlanet Portal Server

Vignette Corp. announced that it will deliver portlets, or portal building blocks, that integrate its recently announced Vignette V6 MultiSite Content Manager (VMCM) with Sun Microsystems’ iPlanet Portal Server. The portlets will enable VMCM to integrate with the iPlanet Portal Server, providing joint Vignette and Sun customers with access to Vignette-managed content within the Sun portal framework. Vignette V6 MultiSite Content Manager, an extension to Vignette V6 Content Suite, enables organizations to manage content on multiple sites and portals via a single application. The development of the set of portlets for the iPlanet Portal Server extends the alliance between Sun and Vignette.

Hummingbird & RedDot Announce Technology Alliance

Hummingbird Ltd. and RedDot Solutions announced a strategic technology alliance. Under the terms of the agreement, RedDot Content Management Server (CMS) will be integrated with Hummingbird’s enterprise portal and document management solutions. RedDot CMS will be tightly integrated with Hummingbird’s portal solution, providing users with better control over the creation and publishing of Web content to portal communities from within the portal workspace. RedDot CMS will also be integrated with Hummingbird’s document and content management solution. RedDot CMS users will be able to leverage the content in Hummingbird’s document repositories.,

NextBrick & Quiver Team

Quiver, Inc. and NextBrick, announceda strategic partnership enabling NextBrick to resell and integrate Quiver’s unique information management products. NextBrick will use Quiver products for its client solutions addressing knowledge management, corporate portal and application integration initiatives. In particular, Quiver’s QKS Classifier will be used to organize unstructured and structured data into an intuitive, browse-able structure for the most effective information management. NextBrick clients will have the opportunity to utilize Quiver’s unique categorization and taxonomy platform to create, populate, and maintain intuitive, drill-down directories within any existing or planned information management initiative. QKS Classifier works with existing systems through open APIs and XML output to easily integrate alongside any portal, content management, search, or application currently deployed.

JSR 170 Initiates Work On Content Access API Standard

The Java Community Process’ (JCP) JSR 170 proposes that content repositories have a dedicated, standard way of interaction with applications that deal with content. It provides for access to content bi- directionally on a granular level within a repository. This will prevent applications from having to adapt to every vendor’s proprietary API to interact with content repositories. The JSR further proposes to define a way to integrate content-producer-applications (CMS) and content-consumer- applications (CRM, Portal, etc.). The proposal focuses on read/write access, binary and text based data, full-text searching, filtering, observation, versioning, semi, hard and soft-structured data. The Spec Lead is David Nuescheler, CTO of Day. Initial Expert Group to include Apache, ATG, Broadvision, Day, Deloitte Consulting, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Interwoven, SAP Portals, Silverstream, Sun, and Vignette. Information regarding progress on JSR 170 can be accessed at:

SER Launches SERglobalBrain

SER Solutions, Inc. announced the launch of SERglobalBrain, a knowledge discovery and delivery solution. SERglobalBrain responds to simple natural language queries. SERglobalBrain analyzes the content and context of information – not just key words and phrases. The application is for structured and unstructured data, regardless of the source or file format. With SERglobalBrain, incorrect spelling does not impact retrieval performance because the software does not require exact matches in text patterns. SERglobalBrain utilizes an associative access method for content-based retrieval. The software can also be taught to act on or deliver answers that meet specific content or criteria by pushing or pulling information off designated Internet sites. In addition, SERglobalBrain is language independent because it looks for patterns and meanings. SERglobalBrain is available in three specific versions that match individual, enterprise or public knowledge access needs.

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