divine, inc. and Yahoo! Inc. announced an agreement to jointly offer a premium online research library. Yahoo! Premium Document Search will provide consumers the opportunity to purchase information otherwise not readily available on the Web, from divine/Northern Light Special Collection, an online research library of over 70 million pages of full-text, authoritative content from more than 7,100 sources. In addition, consumers can purchase reference reports, and access archived news from over 60 US and international newswires. Consumers will be able to view free summaries of documents based on their search results prior to purchase. Documents can be purchased two ways: individually, with prices depending on the document; or through a subscription basis, in which consumers have access to up to 50 documents for $4.95 per month. The divine/Northern Light Special Collection is enabled by divine’s recent acquisition of Northern Light. Yahoo! Premium Document Search is available starting today on all Yahoo! Search results pages. premium.search.yahoo.com, www.divine.com