NeoCore is now offering a BEA Systems evaluation version of NeoCore XML Information Management System (XMS). The NeoCore XMS Evaluation PAK BEA Edition demonstrates how quickly and easily developers can build, change and create applications around a native XML operational information store. With NeoCore XMS, BEA can offer: an XML-based, flexible profile management/mass customization solution for portal products; a foundation for UDDI, ebXML and Web services; a no-configuration-container managed persistence; an aggregated information store; and a high-speed cache for corporations trying to integrate legacy data. NeoCore XMS allows developers to embrace the Extreme Programming model and to achieve iterative development by eliminating the task of mapping object and XML data to and from relational databases. It is a fully transactional XML operational information store that has an EJB, SOAP and HTTP interface within the BEA WebLogic space. It accepts and returns well-formed XML documents and fragments, and supports all basic database functions. NeoCore XMS is schema independent and requires no physical database or schema design before using the system. The NeoCore XMS Evaluation PAK, BEA Edition is designed to work with BEA’s WebLogic Server 6.1 Service Pack 1 or greater. The NeoCore XMS Evaluation PAK, BEA Edition is available at ,