FileNET Corp. announced general availability of Acenza Payables Version 2.0, an enterprisewide, Web-based content management application that streamlines the accounts payables approval process, allowing accounting staff to handle more invoices. The new version offers an improved user interface, greater scalability, and enhanced out-of-the-box functionality. With Acenza Payables, invoices presented in paper, fax, electronic or Web form are captured electronically, filed securely, and routed for data entry and approval automatically. With its Web browser interface, the solution enables status checks and payment approvals to be linked across the enterprise, as well as externally to authorized business partners and suppliers. In order to facilitate solution delivery, FileNET is partnering with Impact Innovations Group to provide systems integration of Acenza Payables to Peoplesoft ERP systems. Software license pricing is dependent on the customer’s actual deployment requirements, with system pricing starting at less than $100,000.