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Day: January 29, 2002

NeoCore Releases BEA Version of XMS

NeoCore is now offering a BEA Systems evaluation version of NeoCore XML Information Management System (XMS). The NeoCore XMS Evaluation PAK BEA Edition demonstrates how quickly and easily developers can build, change and create applications around a native XML operational information store. With NeoCore XMS, BEA can offer: an XML-based, flexible profile management/mass customization solution for portal products; a foundation for UDDI, ebXML and Web services; a no-configuration-container managed persistence; an aggregated information store; and a high-speed cache for corporations trying to integrate legacy data. NeoCore XMS allows developers to embrace the Extreme Programming model and to achieve iterative development by eliminating the task of mapping object and XML data to and from relational databases. It is a fully transactional XML operational information store that has an EJB, SOAP and HTTP interface within the BEA WebLogic space. It accepts and returns well-formed XML documents and fragments, and supports all basic database functions. NeoCore XMS is schema independent and requires no physical database or schema design before using the system. The NeoCore XMS Evaluation PAK, BEA Edition is designed to work with BEA’s WebLogic Server 6.1 Service Pack 1 or greater. The NeoCore XMS Evaluation PAK, BEA Edition is available at ,

FileNET Announces WebDAV Support & Co-selling Agreement with Macromedia

FileNET Corp. announced the general availability of WebDAV support for its Panagon Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product line. They also announced the signing of a co-marketing and co-selling agreement with Macromedia, which will integrate Macromedia Dreamweaver with FileNET’s content management solutions. Under terms of the agreement, FileNET will promote Macromedia Dreamweaver as a preferred Web authoring tool for use in conjunction with FileNET’s Panagon WebDAV support. Dreamweaver has native WebDAV support, so users will easily be able to check content in and out of the repository with the existing site management features in Dreamweaver. FileNET will also bundle the Panagon WebDAV support with a full 30-day trial version of Dreamweaver.

Interwoven Unveils New ISV Developer Program

Interwoven, Inc. unveiled its new Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Developer program. The goal of the program is to expand Interwoven’s network of
channel partners, education consultants, and implementation and hosting
partners by offering software vendors across dozens of vertical industries the
opportunity to: more easily integrate with Interwoven’s Content Infrastructure suite, take advantage of a developer support infrastructure, and have their integrated solution tested and certified by Interwoven before it’s made generally available to the marketplace. Members include Adobe, Arbortext, Asera, Bowstreet, Citrix, Coast, Computer Associates, DeskNet, Epicentric, Equilibrium, GlobalSight, Idiom Technologies, Inktomi, iPhrase, MediaBin, Netegrity, Plumtree, SilverStream, SoftQuad, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, TIBCO, Uniscape, Venetica, Volantis and Watchfire.

OASIS ebXML Registry Committee Approves Updated Specs

The OASIS ebXML Registry Technical Committee announced its approval of the ebXML Registry Services Specification v2.0 and the ebXML Registry Information Model v2.0. Both are updated versions of specifications originally developed under the ebXML Initiative, jointly sponsored by OASIS and the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT). The new versions of the specifications have advanced under the OASIS technical process and have been submitted to the OASIS membership at-large for consideration as OASIS Standards. The OASIS membership will vote on the ebXML Registry specifications in April 2002. The two revised specifications have been approved by the members of the OASIS ebXML Registry Technical Committee, which include Boeing, Fujitsu, IONA, Logistics Management Institute, NIST, Sterling Commerce, Sun Microsystems, Vitria Technology, webMethods, and others. The specifications are now under review by the entire membership of OASIS; voting on OASIS Standards will be held in April 2002.


Vignette V6 Available in Standard & Enterprise Editions

Vignette Corp. announced immediate availability of Standard and Enterprise editions of the Vignette Content Suite V6. Vignette Content Suite V6 Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition both offer content management capabilities for managing the entire content life cycle. Vignette now offers a pricing model that is more competitive. The Vignette Content Suite V6 Standard Edition is for departmental or small Web sites, and the Vignette Content Suite V6 Enterprise Edition offers organizations and large Web sites the enhanced security, reliability and scalability required for higher-traffic sites.

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