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Day: January 28, 2002

TeleKnowledge Launches Total-e Content 2.5

TeleKnowledge announced the availability of Total-e Content 2.5, the latest version of its out-of-the-box content monetization application. Key enhancements in Total-e Content 2.5 include real-time rating, increased partner revenue management functionality, the ability to manage billing and payment services for multiple resellers within a single system, and service fulfillment capabilities. Based on TeleKnowledge’s multi-tier architecture, Total-e Content gives digital media providers advanced scalability to manage millions of subscribers. Total-e Content enables content owners, aggregators and distributors to define, track and manage all of their content-based revenue streams. Media and entertainment companies, content portals and other online service providers are now able to quickly and easily monetize all forms of digital content, both directly to subscribers as well as through channel and syndication partnerships. Total-e Content 2.5 is supported on Windows NT/2000 and Sun Solaris 2.6/2.7/2.8 platforms and is commercially available.

Documentum & Fujitsu in Distribution Agreement

Documentum announced that it has entered into a new distributor partnership with Fujitsu Limited. Together the two companies will deliver enterprise content management solutions based on the Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform. The offerings are targeted at leading Japanese process manufacturing and life science clients operating in multiple geographies. The new distribution partnership will enable Documentum’s expansion into the rapidly growing Japanese enterprise content management market. It is also an integral part of Fujitsu’s focus on leveraging all broadband Internet opportunities for its products and services. Fujitsu’s 100% owned IT consulting subsidiary DMR, will deliver specialized Documentum consulting and systems integration services. Through the partnership, the two companies will provide enterprise content management solutions to Japanese companies in pharmaceutical, healthcare and related sectors.

FileNET Announces Update to Content Management Application for Accounts Payable

FileNET Corp. announced general availability of Acenza Payables Version 2.0, an enterprisewide, Web-based content management application that streamlines the accounts payables approval process, allowing accounting staff to handle more invoices. The new version offers an improved user interface, greater scalability, and enhanced out-of-the-box functionality. With Acenza Payables, invoices presented in paper, fax, electronic or Web form are captured electronically, filed securely, and routed for data entry and approval automatically. With its Web browser interface, the solution enables status checks and payment approvals to be linked across the enterprise, as well as externally to authorized business partners and suppliers. In order to facilitate solution delivery, FileNET is partnering with Impact Innovations Group to provide systems integration of Acenza Payables to Peoplesoft ERP systems. Software license pricing is dependent on the customer’s actual deployment requirements, with system pricing starting at less than $100,000.

Uniscape Integrates With Microsoft Content Management Server

Uniscape announced it has integrated its globalization management system, Uniscape 4.0, with Microsoft Content Management Server 2001. The complete solution from Microsoft and Uniscape enables content providers to create, manage, and publish their own multilingual content; localization managers and partners to localize content for multiple markets; and IT managers to quickly deploy secure and scalable multilingual sites worldwide. The integration means that content owners unfamiliar with the complexities of localizing content can manage the localization process from within a single system. Corporate localization teams and service providers can use the vendor management, project management, and desktop tools of the Uniscape 4.0 globalization management system to automate the tasks required to localize, review, approve, and return localized content to Microsoft Content Management Server.

Percussion Unveils Rhythmyx Accelerator For Word

Percussion Software announced the immediate availability of the Rhythmyx Authoring Accelerator For Microsoft Word 2000. This Accelerator is the second of a series of Rhythmyx Accelerators that enable enterprises to speed deployment between Rhythmyx Content Manager and other technologies. The Word Accelerator provides a pre-packaged tool for interaction between Rhythmyx and Microsoft Word, eliminating the need for third party application development and support. Key elements of the Rhythmyx Basic Authoring Accelerator For MS Word 2000 include: seamless interaction, round-tripping support, ability to filter, field extraction, and in-line system links and images. Through a browser interface, content contributors can assign metadata such as publishable date, expiration date, etc. Once metadata has been assigned to the content, Rhythmyx merges this information into MS Word.

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