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Day: January 27, 2002

OASIS Forms Committee to Develop Web Services Standard for Remote Portals

OASIS announced its members have formed the OASIS Web Services for Remote Portals (WSRP) Technical Committee to create an XML and Web services standard that will allow the plug-n-play of visual, user-facing Web services with portals or other intermediary Web applications. These WSRP services will enable businesses to provide content or applications in a form that does not require any manual or application-specific adaptation by consuming portals and applications. WSRP will allow remote portlet Web services to be implemented in a variety of ways, including Java/J2EE and Microsoft’s .NET platform. WSRP services will be built on standard technologies including SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL. Members include: Bowstreet, Divine, Documentum, Epicentric, Factiva, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM, Interwoven, IONA, Oracle Corp., Plumtree Software, Reed Elsevier, Reuters, SilverStream Software. Participation remains open to all organizations and individuals.

Zope Releases Zope 2.5 & Python 2.2

Zope Corporation announced the release of Zope 2.5. Zope enables the rapid building and deployment of web content. Zope 2.5 includes Zope Page Templates (ZPT), the new model for dynamically generating pages. ZPT embraces W3C standards by leveraging namespace attributes to insert page directives. This approach allows site designers and developers to work side-by-side, since the interim and final product remains valid HTML. The 2.5 release also offers built-in session tracking, encrypted password support and significant performance improvements. Zope Corporation has just released version 1.2 of its Content Management Framework (CMF). Python 2.2 was also recently released.,

ArsDigita to Deliver Enterprise Collaboration Management on Oracle9i Application Server

ArsDigita announced validation of ArsDigita’s Enterprise Collaboration Management (ECM) solution on Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS). ArsDigita will leverage Oracle9iAS to deploy scalable and reliable ECM solutions. By becoming a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, ArsDigita can offer its customers a Web development platform upon which ArsDigita’s ECM solution can be deployed. The support Oracle9iAS provides for J2EE and XML, and the Web and database caching technologies it provides, reduces hardware requirements for high-volume Internet business applications.

Day & PricewaterhouseCoopers Form Partnership

Day and PricewaterhouseCoopers announced a partnership to jointly implement e-business solutions in Switzerland and Luxemburg based on Day’s Communique software. PricewaterhouseCoopers and Day sales and services professionals will work together to deliver global enterprise content management and Business Unification solutions. By creating these systems using Communique, Pricewaterhouse can provide a wide range of solutions including portals, intranets, extranets and web sites.,

MedSeek Launches Enhanced SiteMaker SiteMaker 5

MedSeek’s SiteMaker is launching a new version SiteMaker 5, designed to improve the way administrators build websites. This version of SiteMaker offers new tools to help administrators collaborate more efficiently, manage dynamic web content more easily and securely, along with a host of management tools that monitor and deploy large scale installations. New features in SiteMaker 5 include Announcements, QuickProjects, Notepad, Instant Message, StickyNotes, Reminders, Library, Personal Manager, a new improved webpage editor, and enhancements to the graphics manager, network security integration, and the ability to add SiteMaker 5 Server clusters. Websites containing thousands of webpages can be controlled through the Website Tree Toolbar. SiteMaker 5 also gains flexibility by being able to integrate with legacy systems that are used in healthcare facilities. MedSeek has already incorporated web-based “front doors” to important back-end systems.

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