Idiom Technologies, Inc. and ATRIL announced a joint development partnership to share core technologies and competencies in order to develop products to serve the needs of the globalization marketplace. The partnership creates a centralized, shareable, enterprise-level translation memory (TM) system. TM allows translators to reuse previously translated text. An enterprise-level TM enables companies to treat translations as a corporate asset and leverage all previous work done by in-house personnel or external vendors and freelance translators. Idiom has integrated the new TM technology, as well as ATRIL’s Deja Vu linguistic technology components, with its WorldServer Web infrastructure software. ATRIL will benefit from the partnership by offering the new enterprise-level translation memory and terminology database as a stand-alone server in ATRIL’s new Deja Vu X product family. The new Deja Vu X Remote Server will allow customers to share translation resources across their offices worldwide. Groups of translators will be able to concurrently access a centralized repository of translations and glossaries over the Internet. Using XML, Deja Vu X users at companies of all sizes will be able to access both local and remote server TMs transparently.,