Jcorporate Ltd. announced that it is shipping a new release of eContent. Based on Java, eContent 2.0 includes enhancements to its web content management capabilities, and is now based on both Expresso and Struts, the two dominant OSS Java Web application development frameworks in use. eContent Release 2.0’s new features shift content control to line-of-business users with an improved web browser-based user interface that allows users and developers to publish, maintain and update their Web content efficiently. eContent 2.0 now offers XML content management. Other eContent Release 2.0 features include enhanced workflow management, Struts integration, JavaServer Pages (JSP) template-based content presentation and deployment, enhanced meta-data handling and database publishing, customizable functionality for large and complex web sites, and enhanced virtual team collaboration. eContent v2.0 runs on Linux, Solaris, AIX, Windows NT/2000/XP, MacOS and other platforms and is available for shipment immediately. www.jcorporate.com