RWS Group, LLC and Grey Zone, Inc. announced the introduction of an integrated product to speed development of globalized web content. SecureZone 5 enables business users to rapidly create completely functional intranets, extranets, and public web sites, including users and content. The product combines security, content management, and audience-based publishing capabilities. It incorporates technology called RDDAC (Reverse Data Driven Access Control), that provides total control of the data, and RWS Grey Zone Partnership 2-3 V-Site technology. RWS Glossary Manager product is a database driven glossary and terminology management system, which works with standard databases in a Server-side Java application. Clients may be developed through Java, C or C++. Multiple glossaries can be stored on one server or linked across servers.
The RWS Group/SecureZone integrated product supports multiple publishing methodologies via prepackaged and/or XML API. It runs on a PC or a mainframe. A Linux product is available on the IBM zSeries and S/390 mainframes, as well as the IBM iSeries and pSeries product families. The product supports a number of database environments, including Oracle and IBM’s DB2.,