Rhythmyx Content Manager V4.0 is allows business users to define content usage and to group and arrange content into Web pages, without requiring template redesigns from Web developers. Rhythmyx provides end users with the flexibility and control required to easily assemble content into Web pages, while providing the scalability and the reliability required to quickly deploy, implement and maintain the content management system. Rhythmyx V4.0 features include: New Scaling Options; Active Assembly; Easier Administration; Advanced Workflow Capabilities; and eEnhanced assembly for templates. The newly optimized Assembly engine provides more powerful XSL functionality with the addition of the following upgrades: enhanced manageability, portability and an easier, centralized method to manage naming and linking schemes of publishable content. Percussion’s Rhythmyx Content Manager V4.0 supports Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Solaris platforms and will be available for shipment immediately. www.percussion.com