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Day: November 8, 2001

XYZFind Releases V.2 of Native XML Database

XYZFind Corp. announced the general availability of XYZFind Server version 2.0, a native XML database that delivers storage, search and query functionality for a wide range of business applications. The latest release includes improvements to the XML indexing and retrieval functionality first introduced earlier this year. Performance, scalability, and query capabilities are enhanced with this current version of the server, which retains the ability to adapt to new or modified existing XML document types without dependence on explicit schema or DTD information. Version 2.0 extends the v1 feature set to include support as a Windows Service, improved indexing and query performance and extensions to the web-based administrative console. XML document round tripping is improved, and keyword search, Boolean operators, wildcard queries, numeric range queries and stop word support are all available. Interfaces include XML over HTTP, a Java API and SOAP 1.1. XYZFind Server currently ships on Linux, Solaris, and Windows NT/2000/XP.

RWS & Grey Zone Introduce Multilingual Content Management Product

RWS Group, LLC and Grey Zone, Inc. announced the introduction of an integrated product to speed development of globalized web content. SecureZone 5 enables business users to rapidly create completely functional intranets, extranets, and public web sites, including users and content. The product combines security, content management, and audience-based publishing capabilities. It incorporates technology called RDDAC (Reverse Data Driven Access Control), that provides total control of the data, and RWS Grey Zone Partnership 2-3 V-Site technology. RWS Glossary Manager product is a database driven glossary and terminology management system, which works with standard databases in a Server-side Java application. Clients may be developed through Java, C or C++. Multiple glossaries can be stored on one server or linked across servers.
The RWS Group/SecureZone integrated product supports multiple publishing methodologies via prepackaged and/or XML API. It runs on a PC or a mainframe. A Linux product is available on the IBM zSeries and S/390 mainframes, as well as the IBM iSeries and pSeries product families. The product supports a number of database environments, including Oracle and IBM’s DB2.,

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