Trados Incorporated announced the release of T-Window Collection, a suite of enhancements to Trados 5 that streamlines text translation within Excel and Clipboard. T-Window for Excel enables the translation of Microsoft Excel files using Trados 5. T-Window for Executables lets translators work on the text contained in software user interfaces, specifically executable, dynamic link library and ActiveX control files. T-Window for Resources also accelerates localizing software user interfaces, specifically text contained in resource and dialog definition files that have been created in Microsoft Visual Studio as well as text in Java Properties files. T-Window for Clipboard enables the translation of any clipboard content coming from any Windows application that uses clipboard functionality. To translate text associated with graphics or charts using Microsoft Visio, translators can now use T-Window for Clipboard. T-Window Collection operates only with Trados 5 and is available for free starting October 15, 2001, to all existing customers using Trados 5 or who upgrade to or purchase Trados 5 before December 14, 2001. T-Window Collection will be priced at $295 after December 14, 2001, and will be available from local Trados offices.