Merant announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with Macromedia, Inc. Under terms of the agreement, Merant will bundle Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 or Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 with Merant PVCS Content Manager 2.0. Through WebWebDAV support, FTP integration, and “drag-and-drop” access to more than 40 pre-built Content Manager components and objects within Dreamweaver, PVCS Content Manager 2.0 provides customers with a dynamic content management solution. PVCS Content Manger ensures tight integration with Dreamweaver through product extensions including pre-built components such as authentication, syndication, personalization and dynamic date and document contribution. The pre-built components enable Web sites to be up and running quickly. This integration means Web designers can remain in the Dreamweaver environment and check assets in and out directly. PVCS Content Manager 2.0 addresses both enterprise and departmental content management requirements with one product.