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Day: October 1, 2001

InterTrust, Artesia, nCUBE, Portal Software & SkyStream Join Forces

InterTrust Technologies Corporation announced its Rights|Alliance Program (RAP) with four technology vendors to help service providers enter new digital commerce markets and create new sources of revenue from digital content. Artesia Technologies, nCUBE Corporation, Portal Software, and SkyStream Networks have joined forces with InterTrust to provide pre-integrated DRM-enabled digital media subscription solutions for the entertainment market. The Rights|Alliance Program is based on InterTrust’s recently announced Rights|System platform for content protection and management, which easily integrates with existing systems. The Rights|Alliance Program integrates the software and hardware technology from each of its participant companies into a complete content monetization solution. As a result, content owners and service providers can quickly start new digital content businesses. Until now, complete DRM-enabled, digital content solutions have been assembled piece-meal — making it difficult for service providers and content owners to turn a profit from their content. Through the Rights|Alliance Program, InterTrust is working with its partners to develop a variety of pre-integrated solutions that eliminate the need to integrate multiple disparate systems and applications. The resulting solutions provide a way to monetize digital content.,,,,

Citrix & Documentum Form Alliance

Citrix Systems, Inc. and Documentum announced a multi-tiered alliance that will bring content management functionality to portal users across the enterprise. By using Documentum eContent Services for Portals to expose content management capabilities through the portal interface, portal users will be able to manage business-critical content and participate in business workflows. To energize the product initiatives, Citrix has joined the Documentum Signature Partner Program, and Documentum has become a premier member of the Citrix Business Alliance (CBA) Internet Solutions Program. The initial focus of the alliance will be the integration of Citrix XPS portal software with Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform. This will be accomplished through the development of a new Content Delivery Agent (CDA), an individual, easy-to-use, Web-based application that snaps directly into a user’s XPS homepage. The CDA is based on Documentum eContent Services for Portals, a set of content management user functions that are exposed through the portal interface.,

Interactive Business Research in Deal with Nstein

Interactive Business Research Inc. announced an agreement with Montreal-based Nstein Technologies Inc. to use its Computer-Aided Indexing software to build the search engine for IBR’s new Research Data Management System. The Nstein Technologies agreement will support IBR’s effort to pre-index and classify the content of a large number of business and financial databases that can be accessed and searched through the RDMS. The same CAI tool will be used by IBR’s corporate clients to categorize and summarize large volumes of unstructured electronic data that has high value and needs to be incorporated into internal fact-finding databases.

TopicMaps.Org Moves Development Efforts to OASIS

OASIS added support for the XML Topics Maps (XTM) specification to its technical agenda and TopicMaps.Org, announced its decision to continue development within the OASIS Technical Process. XTM (ISO/IEC 13250:2000), which provides a model for organizing, retrieving and navigating information resources, will be advanced by a series of newly formed OASIS technical committees. Topic maps provide a ‘knowledge layer’–independent of the information resources themselves–to capture and manage corporate memory, improve indexing and enable the integration of information that spans multiple, disparate repositories. Applications include the semantic web, distributed ontologies, business processes, workflow, search and retrieval tools, knowledge management, diplomatic communication, cultural dialogue and various other disciplines and functions. Organizations contributing to the OASIS Topic Maps Technical Committees include Boeing, DataChannel, empolis, Reuters, Sun Microsystems and other OASIS Contributors and Individual members. OASIS will host an open mail list for public comment on XTM. Completed work will be freely available to the public without licensing or other fees.

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