Pageflex, Inc. and Xerox Corporation announced an agreement today under which Xerox will sell Pageflex’s 1:1 personalization and customization software offerings on a worldwide basis through Xerox sales channels. Persona outputs optimized VPS format, which is specifically designed for driving Xerox’s DocuColor 2000 Series digital presses, thereby allowing these devices to operate at full engine rated speed. Persona also offers PostScript and Native PDF output. By offering Persona on a worldwide basis, Xerox is able to provide customers with basic personalization and customization solutions using the same core technology. Persona uses NuDoc, Pageflex’s XML-based composition engine, which uses design templates with “spring-loaded” text and image containers that dynamically adjust page layouts based on the sizes and shapes of the variable text and images flowed into them. Pageflex products import data from any ODBC-compliant database and use XML as the data format between databases and page composition.,