FpML.org has published Financial products Markup Language Version 2.0 as a working draft and is seeking comments from interested parties before issuing a last call working draft. Version 2 extends coverage to interest rate option and swaps. The working draft can be obtained via www.fpml.org/spec/index.html. Comments on the working draft are requested by Friday, 9th November 2001 via fpml-issues@yahoogroups.com. The final step in the progress of Version 2.0 is to be endorsed as a Recommendation by FpML.org. A Recommendation reflects consensus within FpML.org, as represented by approval from the Standards Committee. The Standards Committee considers that the ideas or technology specified by a Recommendation are appropriate for widespread deployment and promote the mission of FpML.org. FpML.org endorsed FpML version 1.0 in May 2001. It covers interest rate swaps and forward rate agreements. www.fpml.org