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Day: September 10, 2001

Cardonet Rolls Out New Version of Cardonet Transactive Catalog

Cardonet, Inc. announced version 3.1 of the Cardonet Transactive Catalog, a production catalog and discovery engine offering a full range of automated services to help search, compare and select products from within an online catalog. Cardonet’s enhanced engine is capable of functioning as a single-vendor or multi-vendor remote “web catalog” using third-party commerce protocols, such as Ariba’s PunchOut, CommerceOne’s RoundTrip and SAP’s Open Catalog Interface (OCI). The Cardonet Transactive Catalog is an optional component of Cardonet’s e-catalog automation platform. The Cardonet Transactive Catalog can be easily loaded with catalog information from the Cardonet e-catalog automation platform and used by manufacturers or distributors to offer customized views of their catalogs, or can be used by large corporations as a multi-supplier purchasing catalog tightly linked to their e-procurement application. Other new features of the Cardonet Transactive Catalog software include a customizable parametric search application, a built-in shopping cart, support for multiple buyer-specific catalog views, and a set of APIs for tailoring the catalog’s appearance and operation. The Cardonet Transactive Catalog is available now with list prices starting at $50,000.

NeoCore & Tactica Form Partnership

NeoCore announced the formation of a partnership with Tactica. Under the terms of the agreement, NeoCore and Tactica will jointly offer their products and services to provide tailored solutions for their customers’ XML information management needs. The partnership between NeoCore and Tactica streamlines the process for Fortune 1000 companies to deploy the XML database product customized to their own application needs. Tactica will use the NeoCore XML Information Management System (XMS) to create complete high-performance XML solutions.,

RWS Group & SoftWorks Announce Strategic Alliance

RWS Group, LLC and SoftWorks Development & Consulting announced formation of a strategic alliance to provide globalization services. Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will offer clients complete integration of services for introduction of their software worldwide. The companies also plan to engage in joint sales and marketing activities to promote multilingual software solutions. RWS Group brings translation tools and rigorous methodology to the alliance. Development of new language technologies, such as JCAT, provides clients with JAVA and XML-based, Unicode compliant translation tools.

Entigo & Cardonet Partner to Deliver B2B Content

Entigo Corporation and Cardonet, Inc. announced a partnership to provide comprehensive, integrated eBusiness and catalog management solutions to G2000 enterprises. The partnership strengthens Entigo’s open, XML-based catalog management functionality and extends Cardonet’s catalog content management offerings to include online ordering capabilities. The joint offering will provide manufacturers with an e-catalog production and aggregation solution to build and maintain online catalogs as well as a dynamic, personalized online selling solution that features one-click order processing, automated release management and real-time order tracking. Entigo’s Web-based applications – Entigo Order, Entigo Catalog and Entigo Warranty interoperable with backend legacy systems and enable changes to business processes in real time. Entigo Order will be used with Cardonet to meet the online ordering needs of enterprises using the Cardonet solution. Cardonet’s e-Catalog Automation Platform streamlines the process of e-catalog content aggregation, normalization and syndication. The software can be used in conjunction with corporate e-procurement systems or eMarketplaces to aggregate data into a clean, multi-vendor catalog, or can be used by manufacturers and distributors to create multiple custom versions of a master catalog for automated syndication to key customers and channels.,

Vignette Announces New Pricing Strategy & V6

Vignette Corp. announced a new global pricing model for licensing all of its applications, including the newly launched Vignette V6 software and its packaged applications, such as the Vignette Enterprise Application Portal (VEAP). Vignette’s new pricing model makes it easier for organizations to anticipate costs for deployments and implementations of all sizes. The simplified pricing structure will provide a new alternative for companies that previously may have felt compelled to consider less-comprehensive or -sophisticated technology. Vignette’s new price structure moves away from practices such as “transaction based,” “per page view,” “user based” and “named processor” pricing. The new global pricing structure generally consists of standard, published prices for each Vignette application paired with a scaling factor for each additional processor on which the application will operate. The Vignette Content Suite V6 can now be purchased in Ready-to-Go solutions for small to medium- sized portal or Internet application deployments beginning at approximately $200,000. Pricing for Vignette V6 and Vignette packaged applications is based on a base price with a single scaling factor for each additional CPU. This simplified pricing model applies to all Vignette products currently being shipped, including Vignette V6 and the recently announced Vignette Enterprise Application Portal, Vignette Financial Advisor Suite and Vignette Merchant Suite.

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