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Month: September 2001 (Page 1 of 8)

Mozquito’s XML WebAccess 2.0 Launched

Mozquito Technologies launched their new XML WebAccess 2.0. XML WebAccess 2.0 is a user interface for native XML data and brings XML data to any Web user. This server software snaps into running IIS or Apache Web servers to make the data interactive. End users can view, edit, save, add, delete and submit pure XML data in current browsers – no plug-ins, no browser updates needed. XML WebAccess 2.0 is powered by a new markup language — XML-UI. This language is based on the W3C XForms standard, which is still a work in progress. XML WebAccess 2.0 is being offered at a special launch price of US$/Euro 1,099, which runs from Oct. 1-15. After Oct. 15, the regular price will be US$/Euro 1,299. On Oct. 15, Mozquito Technologies will release the development suite, XML WebFactory 2.0.

KVS Announces Enterprise Vault Support for SharePoint

KVS Inc. announced plans to support and optimize Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) through their Enterprise Vault. Enterprise Vault will provide long-term management of corporate assets stored on SPS. SharePoint Portal Server allows project or workgroup teams to benefit from collaborative document sharing, management and publishing capabilities over the Internet. Enterprise Vault for SPS will give SharePoint customers the means to archive, protect and manage proprietary information for long-term retention and optimal performance of the SPS environment. Enterprise Vault performs as a knowledge backbone to Exchange systems, and now SharePoint Portal Server, by providing a secure, centralized archiving service for those systems while easing their storage burden. All archived information is indexed and may be searched and retrieved by users, who can quickly and easily find and restore individual messages and files. The entire service is controlled by corporate defined policies that allow central control of an organization’s Information.

TIBCO announces ActivePortal 3

TIBCO Software Inc. announced the TIBCO ActivePortal 3. This new version is a framework for allowing employees, customers, vendors and business partners to interact directly with underlying business processes and systems. The TIBCO ActivePortal 3 platform enables companies to develop and deploy enterprise portals, providing visibility to critical corporate data, such as inventory, sales data and customer service information through wired and wireless connections. The TIBCO ActivePortal platform brings the functionality of underlying business systems to the portal, allowing users to conduct self-services. With extensive out-of-box functionality and pre-built TIBCO PortalPack interfaces to ERP, CRM and other enterprise applications, organizations can deploy enterprise portals faster. ActivePortal 3 is available now.

Tumbleweed Introduces Secure Guardian

Tumbleweed Communications Corp. introduced Tumbleweed Secure Guardian, an enterprise-wide policy-based security framework that offers solutions to both protect and extend enterprise networks, and enable secure communications with customers, partners and suppliers over the Internet. Secure Guardian provides centralized security for both incoming and outgoing communications and integrates various enterprise applications for safe delivery of all forms of enterprise content. Secure Guardian is based on a platform consisting of the Tumbleweed Secure Policy Gateway and a series of protocol enablers that allow any application to connect to it. The Secure Policy Gateway enables the enterprise to apply security to and manage content policies for bi-directional communications traffic, web content and Internet usage. Tumbleweed Secure Guardian is available immediately and pricing is CPU-based.

Authentica Introduces MailRecall Gateway

Authentica, Inc. introduced MailRecall Gateway, an enterprise secure e-mail solution that combines automated digital rights management, encryption and content scanning. MailRecall Gateway gives organizations a solution for enforcing corporate-wide e-mail policies to prevent the misuse of intellectual property and the loss of sensitive business information in a way that is transparent to the desktop user. MailRecall Gateway plugs into content scanning technologies, allowing organizations to scan for viruses or inappropriate content and to control what recipients can do with e-mail content after it’s delivered. MailRecall Gateway combines: policy/rights management, content scanning,and 128-bit encryption. MailRecall Gateway plugs into e-mail content scanning technologies such as Baltimore MAILsweeper and works in conjunction with Authentica’s policy server to encrypt and register e-mail messages based on rights policies. Available immediately, MailRecall Gateway’s pricing is based on concurrent users and server configuration and starts at $17,500 (USD) for a 100-sender environment.

FileNET & Xenos Announce Partnership

FileNET Corp. and Xenos announced a new partnership that will help organizations in markets such as financial services and insurance to leverage their existing legacy IT systems to do business with their customers over the Web. The joint solution provides transformation and presentation of legacy data such as statements, invoices and policy data into Web-compatible forms. The combination of Xenos’ legacy document and data transformation software and the FileNET Panagon enterprise content management solution enables organizations to manage and present high volumes of personalized content online. The Xenos d2e (data to e-content) Platform transforms legacy data in documents into Web XML, HTML, WML and PDF. Each company’s technologies are incorporated in Panagon Report Manager, and together, provide customers with 24/7 access to both current and historical copies of correspondence, statements and other valuable records.,

Gauss Launches VIP Enterprise 8

Gauss announced the worldwide availability of VIP Enterprise 8, the company’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite. The J2EE-based software suite fully integrates ECM’s primary point solutions — Web content management, portal development, as well as document management and business process automation. Gauss invested 16 months and $20 million to unify Web content management and portal development technologies with document management and process automation workflow capabilities. VIP Enterprise 8’s modular architecture supports the deployment of the full suite, or individual modules incrementally over time. In addition, VIP Enterprise’s architecture scales from department to globally distributed, cross-enterprise scenarios.

IXIASOFT Releases Latest Version of TEXTML Server

IXIASOFT announced the release of the newest version of its native XML database, TEXTML Server 2.0. The new version features enhanced performance and scalability, along with targeted new functionality such as support of foreign languages through UNICODE, and numerical data indexing. It is compatible with Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 platforms. TEXTML Server processes XML content without any additional conversion and eliminates the need for the unproductive shoehorning of XML documents into relational databases. It has been instrumental in reducing development costs and efforts in the realization of projects involving XML content. TEXTML Server 2.0 offers faster indexing of content and faster response times to queries while keeping the hardware requirements to a minimum. TEXTML Server 2.0 is now available for purchase and evaluation through IXIASOFT’s website.

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