Software AG and Mozquito Technologies AG announced a strategic XML partnership. The collaboration of the soon-to-be-released Mozquito XML webAccess server in combination with Software AG’s native XML Tamino server will offer an e-business solution for web-based applications. The Mozquito XML WebAccess server software was developed to provide a user interface for XML data that works with current browsers without plug-ins or downloads. The server takes XML documents and turns them into small applications that run in all JavaScript-enabled browsers. The benefit for companies using this technology will be that different user interfaces can be generated automatically from the data. The output is highly configurable. Since the technology is optimized to handle applications based on XML data input and validation is being handled on the client-side without having to connect to the back-end all the time, data input can happen offline. That way, forms can be built for offline data-input, such as government forms and e-procurement entries. When the user is ready to send the form, he or she submits it to the database, which will get already validated data.,