NeoCore Inc. announced the general availability of NeoCore XML Management System Version 2.0, a high-performance native XML database. Based on the company’s Digital Pattern Processing technology, NeoCore XMS 2.0 combines high-performance information management with the ability to leverage XML’s full extensibility. NeoCore XMS provides rapid application development, eliminating database design efforts such as database table creation, index definitions or other physical design work that results in extended and costly development cycles. Version 2.0 incorporates several key features, including transactional support, improved scalability and enhanced access control. In addition, NeoCore XMS provides scalability, operating on extremely large stores of XML with virtually constant response time, regardless of information volume. The enhanced access control feature allows applications to control access down to the data element level. Version 2.0 of NeoCore XMS is currently shipping. Pricing starts at $35,000 per CPU.