ArsDigita announced the general availability of the ArsDigita Community System (ACS) version 4.6 Java. ACS 4.6 Java is a Java-based, J2EE-compliant application framework for developing sophisticated, content-intensive Web applications. The newest version of the open source ACS is comprised of ACS Core, which serves as a foundation for all ACS-backed Web applications, and an integrated application for content management. ACS 4.6 Java is available today for download at . ACS 4.6 Java represents a significant architectural advance from prior versions of the product, introducing a 3-tier Web-centric architecture. Built on J2EE, ACS is compliant with J2EE standards, and will run with J2EE-compliant application servers. ACS 4.6 Java cleanly separates presentation logic, application logic, and persistent storage to improve maintainability and flexibility. .