Oracle Corp. announced the availability of the Oracle Portal Catalog, containing more than 200 portlets that users can browse and add to their personalized portal pages. The catalog lists portlets developed by members of the Oracle Portal Partner Initiative (OPPI), as well as any portlets registered by independent content providers, application service providers, or system integrators that have been approved by Oracle. The catalog also lists the range of portal-related services offered by system integrators who are members of OPPI. This means any independent developer or content provider can reach mass markets when they develop new portlets that can be integrated into the Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS) portal framework and published for worldwide consumption. Any application, business intelligence report, Web page, XML-based news feed or other information source can be made into a portlet, published through the portal catalog, and easily integrated into the portal framework of the Oracle9i Application Server. After a portlet or service is created, developers can go to the Oracle Portal Catalog on the portal community site to register their organization and portlets. If the submission is approved by Oracle, each service or portlet is classified into one of the following categories in the catalog: Consulting & System Integration (Global, Country, Regional), Application Services (Business Intelligence, Collaboration, Document/Content/Knowledge Management, E-Business Applications, Search), Internet Services, and Hardware. To help users browse the catalog, a brief description of the services and portlets are listed in catalog. Screen shots of portlets are also included in the catalog.