Open Market, Inc. and Vality Technology have signed a co-marketing agreement to offer Vality Catalist and Vality Beacon, as complementary offerings to Open Market’s Catalog Centre. Catalog Centre creates dynamic, easily navigable online product catalogs populated with rich content. Compatible with Catalog Centre, Vality Catalist and Vality Beacon enhance the product with content quality and search capabilities. Catalist prepares catalog data accessed from multiple sources and ensures consistency in terminology, units of measure and categorization. It also provides an intuitive “workbench” for effective ongoing catalog data management. Beacon, a high-speed search engine, delivers dependable, accurate catalog search results tolerating terminology differences and typing, spelling and technical errors to find the most accurate answers for users searching catalogs. Vality Catalist and Vality Beacon are available for immediate use with Open Market’s content management and delivery products. ,