Zope Corporation announced its name change in recognition of the broad acceptance of its Zope platform and services. Zope Corporation also announced the availability of Zope 2.4, which provides richer features to enable organizations to deploy and manage complex content management applications. The Zope family of solutions makes it easy to rapidly build high-performance, scalable, secure, content management systems so that even non-technical users can maintain them. This ease-of-use combined with its open source roots make the Zope family of content creation, distribution and publication solutions flexible and customizable. Zope offers for-fee products and services for complex, large-scale applications. In addition, there are over 20,000 developers contributing to Zope who can assist on smaller scale projects. Zope 2.4 new features include: support for Python 2.1, WebDAV, and automatic component update. Zope also provides a full range of solutions for corporations requiring implementation assistance and/or specialized applications. Zope 2.4 is open source and available at www.zope.com