Open Market, Inc. released Catalog Centre 3.5 and Marketing Studio 3.5. Both solutions are intended to provide solutions for companies whose e-business requires the management and delivery of specialized content for successful and productive site visitor experiences. Both new releases debut support for IBM WebSphere 3.5 and iPlanet Application Server 6. Open Market’s Catalog Centre creates easy-to-update, highly navigable content catalogs. Core to the Catalog Centre architecture is the ability to manage and present content in customizable hierarchies. Marketing Studio 3.5 is designed to enable non-technical business managers to collect data about site visitors and store it for analysis and use in developing marketing campaigns including promotions, up-sells, cross-sells, and content recommendations. Using Marketing Studio, business managers can group site visitors into meaningful segments and recommend products and other relevant content-based segment membership. The new Marketing Studio release also introduces the Analysis Connector, which enables Open Market’s Content Server 3.5 to deliver information to any reporting or analysis tool. Analysis Connector can be customized to work with third-party analysis tools, such as data analysis engines, to draw conclusions from information gathered from Web site visitors. Analysis Connector collects and stores data such as clickstream data, visitor demographics, content views, cart item information, abandoned cart information, and orders and can be customized to collect other kinds of site data. Catalog Centre 3.5 and Marketing Studio 3.5 are built on top of the WebLogic 5.1, IBM Websphere 3.5 and iPlanet Application Server 6. Catalog Centre 3.5, Marketing Studio 3.5, and Analysis Connector 3.5 are available for immediate download and on CD-ROM.